Scared of the dark? Try this Auvon Night Light

Do you get the heebie-jeebies when you stumble towards your fridge at 2 a.m. in the pitch darkness? Well, the Auvon Night Light we tried can help!

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AUVON’s backlit night light (two-pack) features 16 LED bulbs with uniform luminescence and produces diffuse backlight by reflecting light onto the wall to avoid uncomfortable feeling of direct light into your eyes. Perfect for people who are sensitive to light and prone to insomnia. In other words–its not too bright but just enough to keep you from bumping into furniture (ouch!)

Different modes are available:

  • AUTO: Operates only when it detects motion (within 3-5 meters). Shuts off after 60 seconds of no motion.
  • NIGHT: Sensors will turn the unit on in dark conditions, and turn off when it is bright. Useful when you want the light on continuously when the sun goes down.
  • Unit is dimmable so you can adjust brightness to your liking.

We really the sleek form factor (not too thick an only takes one outlet) and the fact that it is backlit, which produces a sophisticated look.

Available on Amazon for less thaan $20 for a two-pack!

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