Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Headphones

There are few things as important as having a great set of headphones. Going to your room, locking the door, and zoning out while the music blares into your ears is a fantastic way to get over a stressful day. However, most pairs of headphones only last so long, meaning you need to know the warning signs you need to upgrade your headphones before they go kaput.

Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Headphones

Inconsistent Volume

If you notice that the higher you go up in volume, the worse the sound gets, it might be time to look into getting a new pair of headphones. It can be a pain to have your volume low to protect yourself from blowing your eardrum out, so stop trying to manage with your current pair. You can forget about listening to any audiobooks or podcasts, and it’s no fun listening to music on a library-approved volume.

They Start To Hurt

If you were given a pair as a gift, they might not be the right fit for your ears, resulting in some pain and discomfort. Some people aren’t comfortable with having buds go directly into their ears, so trying out various options gives you an idea of what’s most comfortable before deciding on a selection. While comfort is vital, the sound will also diminish if it’s not set correctly in your ears.

Shorted Wires Cut Out Sound

For the non-wireless options, you may experience a frayed cord that begins to short out, leading to one of the earbuds going silent. You can manage to get by with one earbud for a short amount of time, but it will eventually hurt the ear you are using. With all the wireless options at your disposal, it might be worth going that route to eliminate any problems with cords in the future.

Sweat Damage From Working Out

Working out constantly shortens the lifespan of your headphones. They are not made for extensive sweat and will quickly damage if you don’t maintain them. You’re better off getting a second pair to use strictly for working out to avoid damaging your primary set.

Trouble Connecting to Bluetooth

Headphones that disconnect continuously from the Bluetooth for no apparent reasons can cause a lot of frustration. Therefore, if you are a wireless headphone user, it might be time to find a replacement pair to avoid the give-and-go of a faulty connection.

Any of these signs you need to upgrade your headphones will put you in the market for a new pair. Miracles can happen! With the holiday season fastly approaching, maybe it’s time to dream big and shoot for stars and get your wish.

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