Simple Ways To Add Personality To Your Bedroom

As you get older, your interests and hobbies will start to change. You’ll want to reflect who you are with the media you consume, the clothes you wear, and how your bedroom looks. If you can’t or don’t want to re-decorate your entire bedroom, that’s okay. Keep reading to learn about some simple ways you can add personality to your bedroom.

Simple Ways To Add Personality To Your Bedroom

Add Pops of Color

The older we get, the less likely we are to have a favorite color. While we still might favor one over the others, we’re expanding what we like. This means the walls of your childhood bedroom that were a shrine to your absolute favorite color don’t need to stay that color anymore. You can re-paint it if you want, but that can be a big job. Instead, add other pops of complimentary or tertiary colors to create a more diverse color palette. If your room already has a lot of bright colors, or you still love the existing color, start adding neutral and natural elements, such as white throw pillows and real or fake plants.

Find Decorations You Love

As kids, our parents often decided which items decorated our rooms. Now that you’re older, you can re-decorate your room to better fit who you are now. If you have a part-time job and saved a good chunk of change, you could do a full re-decoration. If not, no worries! Focus on buying or upcycling one decor item at a time. Consider artwork first since it’s more noticeable, then consider smaller decorations such as curtains, rugs, and other fun things that bring you joy.

Spruce Up What You Have

For those on a limited budget, you may have to focus more on sprucing up what you have than buying anything new. You can do plenty of DIY projects that cost little-to-no money and can help show off your personality, from adding custom artwork to showing off a boho chic sewing project (like making your own fringe bed skirt). Take what you already have, or get crafty with cheap supplies and make your bedroom look better on a budget.

Adding personality to your bedroom is an essential part of growing up. You’ll probably want to change your room plenty more times before you move out, and that’s okay. These simple ways to upgrade your room are tips you can follow, again and again, no matter what changes you want to make.

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