Six ways to Increase Muscle Mass Naturally

Getting that desired body type you have always craved is not a day’s job. Time and commitment are often required to get the muscle mass increased. Some people go ahead to use supplements and steroids to build the body of their dreams; others go under the knife too. If you want to go the natural way, you need to give it what it takes.

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Building your muscle mass does not happen during work time but when your body rest. There is lots of information to help you get your body to the desired size; many things become complicated. What we have done is bring out the best and trusted tips to help you get that muscle mass increased naturally.

As a result, this article will discuss six trusted ways you can increase muscle mass naturally

Don’t push yourself hard when starting.

When starting, it is essential to take it smoothly and slowly. When creating the new workout, the dedication and drive will be high, but you will lose more if you feel you need results immediately. If it is the first time, go for the modest weight with a small number of reps at a time.

You mustn’t overstress the body when you start; just slowly ease into it and let your body catch the vibe before stepping it up. Check out this excellent full-body routiine from DG Athlete as a guide.

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Increase Flexibility of your Muscles

As you look to increase your muscle mass, you should also think about increasing the flexibility of your muscles. This means you need to give yourself space between workouts to warm the muscles. Warming the muscles increases flexibility and prevents injury with lots of circulation between the muscle fibres starting.

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Increase Your Food Intake

With the extra amount of work you’re introducing your body to, it is only logical to increase the food you eat. To balance energy expenditure, you need to take in more calories. That does not mean you’ll settle for more junk food like cheeseburgers or pizza, but intelligent eating, which we’ll discuss in the next tip.

Eating more will help replenish what you have lost during your workout quickly. You can spice the heaviness of the meal and determine how many times you want to eat per day.

As you increase the amount of food you eat daily, consider more protein in your meal. Proteins and amino acids are responsible for recovering damaged muscle tissues and preserving and building more muscle mass.

Eat Smart

Smart eating is controlling what goes through your mouth, no matter the temptation. Remember that you need to go for foods that will quickly replenish your body’s lost energy during a workout. You can’t get that with junk like pizza and ice cream, which will only increase your weight and heighten the chances of cardiovascular disease.

In addition to protein, you should add carbs to your meal after a workout. As the proteins build up and replace muscle mass, the carbs will replenish your glycogen stores in the muscles, giving you the necessary energy and adding up the size of your muscle mass.

Vegetables should be your next pointer for smart foods. Because of the minerals lost due to damaged muscle tissues, you’ll need to replace the nutrients and minerals for muscle growth and recovery.

One of the favorite vegetables recommended by experts is Broccoli. Broccoli is a high source of Sulforaphaneg lucosinolate, a compound responsible for reducing oxidative muscle stress. This compound is directly responsible for preventing muscle damage due to physical activity. It also contains iron, zinc, Vitamin C, and fibre.


When people mention supplements for body muscle improvement, they will think of steroids immediately. There are lots of supplements that nourish the body after a workout and help with recovery.

While supplements are essential, you should know that they won’t add to your muscle mass; they only complement your workout routine. You can get top quality Testosterone Enanthate injectable in Canada to help your muscle mass. But make sure to seek expert guidance before starting any supplements.

Add more Hours to your Sleeping Time.

This may sound normal to you, but it is as important as the weight you lift at the gym. Rest is essential for you after a long day at the gym. Physical exercise can cause tears to the muscle mass, even though it is microscopic.

While the tears are not dangerous since they can be repaired, the body needs time away from all stress to work and repair itself before moving to the following physical activity.

It takes some time for this repair to be done, which is why you need lots of sleep after working out. To build up your muscle mass, you need up to 8 hours of sleeping time for your body to properly repair the worn-out tissues and recover.

During this time, the body’s testosterone levels will regularly improve and aid muscle mass build-up.

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Naturally, increasing your muscle mass is a marathon, and much effort and commitment are needed. While you need to put in the work, you need a pathway to get that body muscle without resulting in artificial ways.

You can help yourself with this list and combine it with intensive efforts to get your dream body.

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