Sugar Rush Alert! Teen Influencers Spill the Beans on the Best (and Worst) Candy in Town!

Get ready for a candy-coated adventure! In this mouth-watering YouTube video, you’ll meet a group of candy-obsessed teen influencers who spill the beans on their top favorite and least favorite treats. From rich and creamy chocolates to pucker-inducing sour candies, they’ve tried it all and they’re ready to dish the details. And that’s not all – stick around until the end for some sweet and sticky cotton candy trivia! Hosted by the effervescent Shelia Celine @sheliaceline, you’ll get to know all the sweet personalities of our guests, including:

Catherine Bradley @catherinebradley_
Clementine Lea @clementinelea
Kaido Roberts @kaidoleeroberts
Avaryana Rose @avaryana
Nathan Kendall @nathan.kendall05
Maya Delgado @mayasdelgado
Nia Chanel @adynamitegal
Nadia Simms @nadiasimonesimms
Daija Hooker @daijahooker
Chelsea Seeley @chelsea_seeley
Paris Bravo @parisbravoofficial
Logan Arditty @ardittylogan
Sydney Thomas @sydneytaleah
Julia Garcia @realjuliagarcia

Thanks to @keyelementspr for hosting such a fun prom event! #candylandprom2023 #influencers #candyreview

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