Teens With Younger Siblings Can Help Teach Good Choices With “Healthy Choices Happy Kids”

healthy choices happy kids

Are you a teenager with a little bro or sis that needs a bit of guidance of making good choices? You know, like brushing their teeth before they all fall out or wilt the plants with their bad breath? How about going to sleep early instead of bugging you while you are trying to watch The Walking Dead?

Brightly illustrated and easy to understand, the affordable book “Healthy Choices, Happy Kids” by Foster W. CLine, M.D., Lisa C. Greene, and Gina L. May might help.

The book covers 12 common childhood scenarios, such as having to take a bath or take medicine, and shows a poor and good choice for each. The authors intend for caregivers and kids to sit together, explore the pages, and discuss the choices being made — all with the end of encouraging better behavior in kids too young to fully understand the repercussions their actions might have down the line.

In my opinion, the book is ideal for kids up to 1st grade. Beyond that, kids might find the pace a little slow and the lessons too basic. That being said, with bad choices by actors and musicians being displayed constantly in the media, it is nice to see a book which touches on personal responsibility and the consequences of choices directed to children of such a young age. We need more books like this in the marketplace.

And maybe some of you teens can learn a thing or two from reading the book as well!

The book is expected to be released in May 2014.

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