The 10 Cool Free Games for Your iPhone

The following is a guest post from James Johnson.

A few years ago, news broke out that teens now spend nearly a third of their day on their phones, engaged in a variety of activities from texting to watching videos, checking social media, and of course, playing various games. Later that same year, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services published reports showing that teens spent more time on their phones than other age groups, and with other reports from the BBC claiming that teens spent more time on media than sleeping, it seems rather overwhelming how much phones have pervaded into teenage lives.

Or does it? Any teen with a smartphone can tell you that the device can be like their best friend, providing access to the world at large through social media and other apps. They’re not just great for keeping in touch with friends however, as a wealth of gaming apps are available even for those who don’t want to spend a dime! Developers constantly churn out great, innovative games, transforming mobile play and taking things to the next level.

Of course, for every gem in the app store, there’s also about a hundred rather useless apps, like the Hold On App from IMAK Creations, whose mechanics are simply to keep a button held for as long as you can.

Don’t waste your time (and data allowance) downloading games that you won’t really enjoy. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Free Games for your iPhone, in no particular order:

1. Modern Combat 5

If you’re a fan of shooter games and wish you could take the console experience to your phone, Modern Combat 5 is a clear example of how well this can be executed. With great intuitive controls, high-end graphics, and multiple play modes to boot, it’s by far one of the best shooters on the smartphone to date.

2. Bitcoin Billionaire

When cryptocurrencies exploded into financial markets, it was every technophile’s dream – a chance to make millions through your computer? Who wouldn’t want that? Unfortunately, mining Bitcoins is a lot tougher than it looks. With Bitcoin Billionaire, you can at least pretend like you’re hitting it big. It’s easy to play, and all you really need to do is tap on your screen to unlock investments and upgrades so you can make more money faster.

3. Crossy Road

Mom always said to look both ways before crossing the street, and you can put your skills to the test with Crossy Road, a game that puts you in control of a chicken trying to, well, cross the road. The goal is to reach the farthest point without waiting too long to cross the street, as a giant hawk will take you if you spend too much time plotting your next move. You can collect coins and buy or unlock new characters to use – from an emo goose to Doge! Think Frogger, but cuter!

4. aa

It actually feels like the developers got a little lazy when it came to naming this game, but make no mistake: aa offers a great experience for all players who try it out. The goal is to stick the pins into the circle in the middle. There’s no time limit, and all you really need to do is time your taps right, but it’s addictive and because it doesn’t require an internet connection, it’s pretty convenient too!

5. ff

Yes, ff was made by the same people who made aa, and the premise is quite similar, but worlds tougher: you stick the black circles on the lines already sticking out of the main circle in the middle. It takes a lot more coordination, but successfully clearing a level also means a bigger sense of fulfillment!

6. Bread Kittens

Do you like bread? Do you like cats? If the internet is to be believed, these two things are some of the most adored and cherished things of our generation, and the people who made Bread Kittens have put them together in a nice little app that’s reminiscent of Pokemon! The idea is to travel around Catlandia taming different breeds of cats, and then baking bread to either feed them, or equip on them. That’s right, they wear bread around their heads!

7. The Voice: On Stage

If you have dreams of becoming a star and feel like your big break could be right around the corner, you might want to download the official The Voice app. It takes karaoke to a whole new level, allowing you to upload your recordings to Starmaker Studios, and join different contests to compete with other home singers for potential stardom. It has some paid songs, but there are plenty of modern and classic songs available for in-game currency, which you get from completing recordings.

8. Vainglory

Looking for something more competitive and hardcore? Vainglory is one of the best MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas) created for the mobile phone – a stunning achievement in high-fidelity graphics and intuitive controls that even give some PC games a run for their money. It features an all-star development team and a dedicated engine, and with thousands of different builds possible, you could spend hours and hours on the game!

9. Planet Quest

Rhythm games aren’t for everyone, but anyone who tries Planet Quest will instantly feel their hook! It’s a fun little game that has you tapping in time with the beat playing in the background as little creatures dance to the music! Every planet you unlock has its own music and cute creatures, so the game doesn’t get repetitive. There are plenty of rhythm games out there, but Planet Quest is the only cosmic one worth its salt!

10. Calculords

Who knew we would ever be excited to do math outside of school? Calculords is a unique little game that has players crunching numbers in order to match the numbers on cards for troops and skills so that they can summon them in battle. The math is really what sets it apart from other card-based games, and it’s one of those few games that you can defend to your parents by saying, “I’m practicing math!”

Do you know any other cool free games for the iPhone?

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