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The Benefits of Using Contacts over Glasses

What you see tells you an immeasurable amount of information about the world around you. Of course, the information you get is limited if you have vision problems. Glasses and contacts both do a lot to correct various vision problems. They aren’t exactly created equal though. Using contacts instead of glasses offers you some unique benefits.

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Improve Peripheral Vision

Because contact lenses go directly on your eye, they offer an unparalleled field of vision in comparison to glasses. The proximity to your eyeball means there isn’t the risk of experiencing light reflections like you do with glasses, making it easier to consistently see clearly. Glass frames could block your peripheral vision, especially if they’re thick. Contact lenses are frameless, helping you improve your peripheral vision.

Feel More Confident in Your Appearance

If you’ve ever heard of or seen anyone get teased for wearing glasses, you may be hesitant to wear them yourself, even if you need them. It would be nice if you could just get eye surgery to fix the problem, but that isn’t an option for teens. 

You have to be at least 21 before undergoing Lasik surgery. Contacts offer an alternative. Because they’re transparent (unless you opt for colored contacts) and go directly on the eye, they’re practically invisible. With contacts, you don’t have to worry about how glasses frames make you look or having thick lenses that distort your eyes.

Stress Less During Physical Activities

Your teenage years may be some of your most physically active years, especially if you’re involved in extracurricular activities. Wearing glasses can be a challenge when participating in physical activities. They may not stay secure and there’s always the risk of them breaking, which can cause added stress and inhibit your performance. In comparison, contacts are more comfortable to wear during sports and offer fewer distractions. They allow you to see clearly throughout the entirety of your activity (no fogging or issues with rain) so you can perform your best. If you participate in a sport that requires headgear, contacts won’t interfere with your headgear fitting properly.

Glasses tend to be more user-friendly than contact lenses–they’re a lot easier to put on and take off. Cleaning them is pretty simple too. Still, the benefits contacts offer that glasses can’t make them an attractive vision correction option for many teens. Talk to your parents and your eye doctor about using contact lenses if you don’t already. It could make a surprising difference in your life.

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