The Best Alternatives To Traditional Braces

As braces are practically inevitable for almost all teens, it has become something of a rite of passage to endure them. Luckily, traditional braces are no longer your only option. Here are some of the best alternatives to traditional braces to reduce the hassle of getting your teeth aligned.

The Best Alternatives To Traditional Braces

Clear Aligners

One of the most common braces alternatives is clear aligners such as ClearCorrect or, even more familiar, Invisalign mouth guards. These function like a typical mouthguard or retainer, so they’re not quite as “permanent” as traditional braces. However, make sure you don’t neglect to wear these—otherwise, you might have ineffective results or results that make your teeth worse. Clear aligners are further popularized by how they are less noticeable, more comfortable, and easier to clean than normal braces, thanks to the removability.

Lingual Braces

If all you’re worried about is how noticeable the braces are, the best alternative to traditional braces for you is lingual braces. They operate the same way as normal wire and bracket braces, but they go on the back of the teeth instead of the front. This renders them nearly invisible unless someone is gazing directly into your mouth. However, the downside to lingual braces is that they are difficult to clean since they are harder to reach. Furthermore, this option is not suitable for those trying to correct an overbite or have small teeth.

Ceramic Veneers

If you’re struggling with teeth that are discolored, chipped, or have gaps, then the best alternative for you is ceramic veneers. These are thin but highly durable ceramic “teeth” that go over yours. They are capable of lasting 10-15 years and are applied by having a thin portion of your tooth enamel removed and replaced with these veneers as a sort of shell that covers and protects the front of your teeth.

There is another type of tooth veneer made from resin composite, but we don’t recommend it as much because they tend to break when you grind your teeth. Ceramic veneers are the more durable option.

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