The Best Beauty Trends of 2021

Trends are always changing and flowing with the times. It’s good to keep up with what ideas and styles have risen and fallen so that you can be better equipped for the trends to come. The world of beauty is no exception to this.

Without fail there is always some sort of trend going away, on top, and coming up. Those trends will all almost always come back at some point. They say the average lifespan of a trend is about 3-5 years. So educate yourself and keep up with the times. Knowing the trends like the back of your hand will keep you on top of the beauty world for years to come. 

Read on to learn about the best beauty trends of 2021!

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Taking Care of Your Eyebrows

Taking care of your eyebrows is always going to be an essential part of your overall look. If you take care of your skin and dress well, but don’t have well kept eyebrows your beauty is not reaching the peak of what it could be. 

Just taking care of your eyebrows is the first step. Once you’ve established that you can then move onto the biggest trend for eyebrow care of 2021, nanoblading. 

Nanoblading has been dominating the scene when it comes to beauty and eyebrow care. It is a semi-permanent way to increase the natural beauty of your eyebrows and make people turn their heads every time. It’s the final touch to everyone’s look. All you have to do is go to a professional and let them work their magic. You can expect the results of nanblading to last from one to three years and you can go back for touch ups however often you like. 

Skin Care is for Men Too

Natural skin care products for men as a whole have taken a huge rise in popularity. Not only are more men implementing skin routines than ever before, but most are paying attention to the quality of product that they are consuming. Natural and environmentally friendly products are at the forefront of mens skincare

Natural skin care products are not likely to be tested on animals, they’re better for the environment than other products, they do not contain any ingredients that may be harmful to the human body, and they are sure to nourish your skin in ways you’ve never had before. 

This is one trend that could stand the test of time. It’s safe for the environment, for the body, and for the mind. Be sure to not miss out on this one! 

Eyelash Enhancement

It’s no secret that everyone wants long and full eyelashes. That has almost always been a beauty staple to pay attention to and right now, starting your own eyelash business is a good investment. Which makes this trend one to write home about. There have been strong developments in serum for eyelash growth and now it’s a widely used product that produces full and long eyelashes that is sure to turn heads. 

This serum is incredibly easy to apply. Just one swipe a day and you’ll be on your way to full lashes with a reduced aging process, powerful peptides and plant botanicals, and confidence to take on the day. Not only is the serum a hot trend, but it’s also gentle on the eyes with nourishing and purifying ingredients that are sure to last. Be sure to get on top of this trend while you can! 

The True Foundation to Beauty

One trend that people can’t seem to get enough of is foundation makeup. This oil free formula is so natural that you won’t even remember it’s there. This foundation is perfect for the natural look to hide all blemishes, or for medium to full coverage if you want to put on your best outfit, apply your press on nails, and get your hair done for the night on the town. 

It can hide anything from acne to tattoos. It will even hide scars and pigmentation. If you have it, it can be hidden with this powerful yet lightweight formula. Perhaps the best part about it is that while providing the perfect amount of coverage for any need, it is also long lasting and perfectly breathable. Get up to 12 hours of lightweight coverage with a smooth matt finish while your pores breathe freely. It’s no wonder why this trend has taken the beauty market by storm.  

Anti Frizz

Everyone knows that the way your hair looks is essential to the way you look and feel. People are always checking their hair to make sure it still looks the way they want it to. There hasn’t really been a way to have confidence in your hair the moment you walk away from that mirror, until now. Anti frizz is the perfect thing to tame your hair and have the confidence you need for whatever event you may be going to. 

Anti frizz is built for any type of hair and any texture you can imagine. It’s hard to believe that there are people that don’t use this. Whether you’re taking the subway to a business meeting, going on a date, or putting on your hair clips to meet some friends at a concert you can have the confidence you need in knowing your hair is just as lush and together as it should be. 

The Afterglow of a Cleanse

Everyone knows that the kind of food you consume has a direct correlation with how you feel, but not everyone knows that it also has a major impact on how you look, aside from just weight. People often find themselves stuck in a rut with foods that just aren’t doing them any favors. Plenty of foods leave negative toxins and lead to unhealthy habits that can be hard to break. 

People know they should implement super foods into their diet, but looking up recipes and preparing meals with them isn’t always the easiest and most efficient thing to do. That is why cleanses have risen to great popularity in the beauty and fitness culture. 

A 5 day cleanse is the perfect way to press reset and rid your body of all the harmful toxins and implement plenty of superfoods into your daily diet. This will kick start great habits that are easy to follow and leave you feeling brand new and looking better than ever. 

Marine Collagen

Combating the loss of collagen is basically like treating your skin, hair, and fingernails at the source. Collagen is essentially a primary protein in the extracellular matrix residing in the tissue of the human body. One major trend in beauty right now is taking marine collagen supplements to reduce the amount of collagen lost on any given day.

Marine collagen is derived from a mediterranean style diet and consists of vitamins, nutrients, and the necessary fatty acids your body needs to stay fresh and keep those collagens strong. A great detail that is often missed when trying to improve your skin and hair. 

Beauty trends manifest themselves in many different ways across many different types of platforms. It can be a lot to keep up with as these are just a few options in a world that never stops improving. Take these trends, give them a try, and see how they work for you. Whatever you do, make your beauty routine count! 

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