The Best Drone Models for Racing in 2021

When drones first burst into the mainstream in the early 2010s, it wasn’t long before drone racing started to gain popularity. A decade later, drones are more present than ever, and manufacturers are getting competitive with each other to see who can put out the fastest machine. If you’re looking to get started with drone racing, keep reading for this list of the best drone models for racing in 2021.

The Best Drone Models for Racing in 2021

EMAX Hawk Pro

Even though this racing drone may be small, it packs a punch. The brushless motors in conjunction with a 210mm size deliver exceptional strength to the drone. It is made for speed with carbon fiber, which is light and gives it a slick look while keeping the internal components well-protected. The EMAX Hawk Pro includes an affixed mushroom antenna that provides a better signal than other micro drones. If you’re new to FPV racing, this is a great drone to get your feet wet. You should be aware that you’ll need to buy a remote controller to operate this quadcopter. All around, this is one of the best drone models for racing in 2021.

Walkera F210 3D Edition

This racing drone has a sophisticated industrial modular carbon fiber structure that is both sturdy and crash-resistant. It has an air control system that allows it to fly with balance and control, as well as be able to execute tricks like rolls and barrel rolls in mid-air on a racetrack. Drastically reducing the chances of a collision, the drone can bring itself to a rapid stop and keep inertia-related drift to a minimum. It is easy to take apart and put back together, making it ready to fly off the shelves or available for personalization by the pilot. For live FPV broadcasting, the Walkera F210 features a 700TVL HD camera and a 5.8 G real-time image transmission. This is a very affordable, high-quality FPV racer for racers looking to become competitive.

ARRIS X2220 V2

This fully assembled, factory-tested FPV racing drone is ready to fly straight out of the box; all you have to do is plug in the battery. Working together, the ARRIS 2205 brushless motor and 5045 propellers deliver the best performance. GPS, Attitude, and Manual modes are all supported. Additionally, it offers precise position hold, return to home (user-configurable), and Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC). On top of that, the ARRIS FPV tiny camera was created specifically for FPV. The camera takes good quality pictures both in broad daylight and at night, performing equally well in both lighting scenarios. You can change the angle of the camera on the drone to get the perfect view.

While this list is a great place to start, before you decide to purchase, make sure you find out which model is right for you before choosing a racing drone. While speed is certainly a factor, it isn’t the only one.

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