The Best First Date Style Tips for Girls

One of the biggest changes between your pre-adolescent and teenage years is dating. When you’re ready to meet new people and hopefully build a relationship with them, you can’t stop thinking about it. Part of that thinking may fuel some type of anxiety or nervousness, though. Save yourself the stress and read these best first date style tips for girls. You’ll see that wearing the right clothes and accessories will help loosen up any pre-date jitters.

The Best First Date Style Tips for Girls

Casual for Daytime or Fancy for Night

There’s no reason to stress over a first date. While it’s healthy and normal to feel a little anxious, don’t beat yourself up over what to wear or what not to wear. The most important thing is that you feel confident and cute. Therefore, casual and fancy looks are in. Daytime dates don’t need to be fancy get-togethers. Wear something casual, like jeans, sneakers, and a vintage shirt. Otherwise, a casual day dress shows off your flirty, fun side. Nighttime dates are a little different. While you can opt for a casual look if you feel the occasion isn’t fancy, consider something more robust. Cocktail dresses or a nice top and leggings show a more sophisticated look without much work needed.

Black or Red Go a Long Way

It’s true that color matters. Color theory may seem like an outdated expression, but people are simply drawn to certain colors over others. That’s why red and black go a long way. If you want to wear something that increases the chances for a second date, these are your go-to colors. People perceive red as attractive and desirable. There’s something appealing about a red dress that people cannot ignore. Otherwise, black is also incredibly popular. It’s a safe, neutral color that implies comfort and attraction. Even if neither of those colors appeals to you, wear something that makes you feel confident and proud.

Don’t Be Afraid To Accessorize

First date outfits don’t need to be boring. One first date style tip for girls is to accessorize. For example, shoes are important not only to protect your feet but also to complement your outfit. Consider the top shoe trends for fall 2021 for help. Knee-high boots, leather boots, sneakers, oxfords, and fuzzy slippers are a girl’s best friend here. Further, jewelry, perfume, handbags, and sunglasses are also great accessories to pair with any outfit. Your accessories should complement your style. Alternatively, keep it minimal. While accessories help, if you find it to be too much, don’t overwork yourself.

Be Yourself

Finally, as you’ve heard countless times before, just be yourself. The right clothes and accessories certainly help you feel confident and comfortable on any occasion but remember: you’re on a date. Take this time to get to know the person across from you. They’re there for your company as you are for theirs. Your body language and mannerisms speak more than any outfit, so be yourself and have fun.

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