The Best Gingivitis Home Remedies That Actually Work

Despite huge advances in dental hygiene gingivitis remains a surprisingly common issue. It’s characterized by gums that bleed easily. They will usually feel tender as well.

You’ll need to book an appointment with a reputable dentist Neutral Bay as an example to confirm your concerns. But, this condition should be picked up through regular dental checkups.

The good news is that this gum infection can be eliminated. However, it is important you act as soon as you think you have gum disease, if left it can become periodontitis which is much more serious.

You should always get confirmation from your dentist and take any medication they offer you. It’s a good idea to follow their advice and review your oral hygiene techniques. In many cases, gingivitis is the result of poor oral hygiene, according to this dentist in Holland.

The following home remedies can also help to lessen or eliminate the issue.

gingivitis treatment


This spice is commonly associated with ancient Indian medicine. It’s also a regular in many curries and has been found to have a number of health benefits.

However, it is also an anti-inflammatory which can help reduce the inflammation in your gums. You can’t rely on swallowing it in your food. The best approach is to mix a little turmeric with mustard, oil, and salt. This will form a paste that you can apply directly to your affected gums.

Experts say this isn’t the best approach for anyone on blood thinners or who bruises easily.

Salt Water

A little salt dissolved in water is a great remedy for many issues. The salt is very effective at killing bacteria. Simply swish the solution around your mouth to make sure it washes over all your gums. You can also gargle with it.

That’s it, the salt will draw out the infection and kill the bacteria involved. But, make sure you spit the water out, you don’t want to swallow too much salt.

Top Up Your Vitamins

Did you know that vitamins D, C, and E are essential parts of your diet? Along with other health benefits they have been shown to prevent gingivitis from occurring.

All you have to do is take a supplement every day or make sure your diet is rich in these vitamins.

Baking Soda

This is another item that has been favored by people for many years as a treatment for a wide variety of ailments. Baking soda can actually be used instead of toothpaste to clean your teeth and it’s surprisingly effective.

Cleaning your teeth properly is one of the best ways to maintain oral hygiene and both prevent and eliminate, gingivitis.

Baking soda’s abrasive nature can actually loosen the plaque around your teeth, improving your oral health.

Black Tea

Black tea contains a substance called tannins. These have the capability to draw infections out of your mouth. You can still enjoy a drink of your tea first, it’s the teabag you need. Allow it to cool and then place it directly onto the affected area.

Hold it there for several minutes and repeat it daily. It really does help.

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