The Best Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Grandparents

Back when you were too small to get on amusement park rides, a trip to your grandparents was nearly as exciting as a spin in the teacups. But as time goes by and you start to gravitate towards your favorite interests, quality time with your grandparents may be few and far between. To make time for each other, it’s worth exploring the best outdoor activities to do with your grandparents this year.

The Best Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Grandparents

Going Fishing

Going to a watering hole is one of the most time-honored traditions the older generation loves. There’s something blissful about casting your line and appreciating the serenity of a calm breeze hitting your face as you await a curious fish to chomp on your bait.

Even if you aren’t interested in reeling in the big one, there are plenty of other activities you can partake in as you accompany your grandparents. Plus, this allows you to ask them about their life when they were a kid. What you can discover from a brief 15-minute conversation without interruptions can be amazing.

Introducing Pickleball

If you’re willing to do something new they love, there’s no reason they can’t reciprocate the same sentiment. Pickleball continues its meteoric rise, as courts nationwide are beginning to trump tennis courts because of how many people love the game.

Although pickleball has soared in popularity for many reasons, one of the most prominent is that it’s a game for anyone, of any age, at any skill level. Mee-maw and grandpappy don’t need to exert a lot of energy to play the game, and it can be fun for you to teach them something new.

Build Something Together

Back in your grandparents’ day, gathering up random things and making something useful for themselves was common practice. Whether it was a fort or a treehouse, many grandparents were amateur builders as children. Few things will tickle them more than busting out the toolbox and a saw and building something together. Working on a project together gives you a goal to reach, making you both happy once you complete it.

Planting a Garden

Many of your grandparents have a green thumb and a thriving garden ready to welcome you when you visit them for the day. But those beautiful flowers and tasty veggies don’t grow without hard work and expert gardening.

Planting a garden is more labor-intensive than one would think, especially if you have no experience digging and laying seeds. Instead of having your grandparents put more strain on their back from all the bending and digging, offer a helping hand so they aren’t gritting their teeth through their aches and pains.

Choosing one of the best outdoor activities with your grandparents allows you to spend time with them and do something together. Not everyone is lucky enough to have their grandparents still around, so you should relish the opportunity and make the most of your time together.

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