The Best Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Beginners

The Best Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Beginners

Not all saltwater fish are the same—some can be picky, aggressive, or get sick easily. If you’re setting up an aquarium for the first time or just want a beautiful fish that’s easy to care for, consider any of these saltwater aquarium fish for beginners.

The Best Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Beginners

Royal Gramma

Royal grammas are usually half vibrant purple and half yellow. Because they’re small and peaceful fish, they like to have plenty of hiding holes, and they get along well with most other fish. Generally, they’re very sturdy fish, but they tend not to get along well with their own kind.

In addition, they’re an inexpensive option that’s easy to take care of due to their carnivore diet.

Yellow Coris Wrasse

These tiny little bursts of yellow are fast and friendly. Despite their small size, they’re also carnivores that require at least a 50-gallon tank. Although they get along with almost any fish, including their own kind, they’re still skittish and prefer having sand to hide under.

A yellow coris wrasse also loves to munch on parasites catching a ride on their tank mates, so their great little cleaners as well!

Yellow Watchman Goby

The yellow watchman goby is another strong and peaceful carnivore. Because of their cute little frowny faces, gobies are very popular, inexpensive, and easy to find at most fish stores. Don’t let their cuteness fool you; while they get along with other fish, they tend to get territorial with other gobies, so it’s best to only have one in a tank.

Blue-Green Chromis

The blue-green chromis is arguably one of the most beautiful beginner fish out there. They’re glittering green omnivores who prefer to school with other blue-green chromis, so they need a 30-gallon tank at the minimum and, unfortunately, they get lonely easily. These fish prefer lots of coral and live rock to hide in, as all schooling fish tend to be skittish.

Bicolor Blenny

Despite its silly name, the bicolor blenny has a similarly vibrant and beautiful pattern to the royal gramma. Despite being one of the most peaceful on the list, they still don’t get along well with other blennies, so keep this herbivore with different fish friends.

While this is another fish that isn’t prone to illness, these friendly fellows may not show up much, as they like to hide. However, if you watch closely, you may just see their big eye peek at you from a hidey-hole.

You can use this guide to the best saltwater aquarium fish for beginners to help you pick out a new addition to your aquarium. Just remember that no matter which beginner fish you choose, they all need special care and require the right equipment for saltwater fish. Consider giving these little guys a shot; they may end up being your new best fish friend!

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