The best shows on Netflix

Netflix is the most popular streaming app in the world and has maybe even become more popular than cable. When you find a new series that you like, it’ll have you clicking ‘next episode’ until you eventually run out. Although we always find a new series to get hooked on, it can often seem hard at times to find that new one that you really want to get into. Due to the high volume of shows and movies on Netflix, it can become difficult to actually choose which one you want to watch next. Committing to a new TV series can be difficult therefore it’s good to know that the show is definitely worth your while watching. If you love watching Netflix in your free time to relax then there’s nothing better than watching your favourite TV show on a large screen mounted to the wall. For professional TV wall mounting services, click here. Without further ado, here’s a list of some of the best shows on Netflix.

best shows on netflix

Squid Game

This is a South Korean dystopian drama, where the main character, Lee Jung-Jae finds himself so broke and in so much debt that he cannot even afford to pay to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. While he is at the subway, going about his business, a stranger approaches and offers him a chance that is too wonderful to pass up—a series of games with tempting monetary prizes but dangerous risks. After accepting the offer, he soon finds himself in a secret location with other competitors in his situation. As he progresses through the game, Lee Jung-Jae makes some strange alliances with intriguing characters as well as some foes. Squid Game must be included in any discussion of the best shows on Netflix for 2021. You’ll become addicted to this relatively new South Korean drama within the first few episodes.

Still Game

Still Game is already certain to be on your list if you are a Scot! It should still be on your list even if you’re not! A well-produced, humorous, and long-running comedy sitcom, Still Game. The two main protagonists of the programme are two retired best friends who frequently find themselves in amusing circumstances. The two have a hard time adjusting to contemporary life and frequently find themselves in sticky situations. You’ll keep watching the show because it hilariously and accurately reflects Scottish society. Still Game is one of the best shows on Netflix, especially if you’re Scottish, due to how clever and simple to watch it is.

Breaking Bad

Often regarded as one of the best TV shows ever made, Breaking Bad is definitely a must-watch. When a highly overqualified chemistry instructor is given a terminal cancer diagnosis, he goes to the pharma industry to support his family before his condition worsens. But to his amazement, he really receives far more than he anticipated… And to make matters worse, his brother-in-law works for the DEA! This programme keeps viewers hooked to their chairs as they anticipate what will happen next in what seems to be an endless game of cat and mouse between the two. This is by far one of the best shows on Netflix since every episode is consistently more interesting than the previous one!

Prison Break

After learning that his brother Lincoln has been falsely accused of a crime and handed the death penalty, Michael tattoos the prison’s blueprints into his body and purposefully gets himself imprisoned in an effort to free himself and his brother. While incarcerated, Michael discovers that in order to escape, he must build an alliance with other convicts, some of whom are more friendly than others. You’ll be hooked by the entire five seasons of the suspenseful episodes of Prison Break.

Peaky Blinders

1919 in Birmingham, UK. The Shelby family is establishing a reputation as bookies, racketeers, and criminals in the years following World War One. Although Tommy, the second-eldest brother, has the true brains, ambition, and drive in the organisation, the oldest brother Arthur is the nominal leader of the family. He will establish an empire for himself outside of Birmingham. His family and his group, the Peaky Blinders, helped him do this.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best shows on Netflix, other notable mentions include: The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, The Witcher and Money Heist.

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