The Best Way To Get Car Insurance For Teens

Getting your first car is an extremely exciting time in your life. It’s time to celebrate and have fun. It’s also a time for some serious responsibilities. Having a car is a big step in life. One of the duties is getting your car insured. There are several options available, each with their own pros and cons, and you need to make a choice based on your own wants and needs and one that fits best in your life.

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One question to ask is whether you should get your own insurance or go on your parent’s insurance plan.

Every teen needs to have some sort of insurance to drive a vehicle in the United States. You may wonder if it is cheaper to get your own insurance or go on your parent’s insurance. The fact is that the numbers show that it is much less expensive to go on your parent’s insurance. In some states, the amount of savings is a staggering $5000 when you get a single policy. In most states, it is $3053, It breaks down to an average that teens will pay $4623, but for coverage on your parent’s insurance to get the same coverage, it is $1570. The average difference is $3053. This is based on the website, and you can save money in all 50 states in the United States. In some states, the savings are enormous.

The bottom line is you can enjoy massive savings going onto your parent’s insurance.

There are some great car discounts at top auto insurance companies that teens can get, and you will be excited to see the savings that you can get by doing some simple things.

Take a defensive driving course.

The young inexperienced driver who takes some type of driver training course is 43% less likely to get a ticket than those who did not receive a training course. They are 14% less likely to get into an accident and 19% less likely to get into an accident that results in injury and death. You could get a discount of up to 10% for drivers under 21 who have completed a course that is approved by an insurance company.

Get Good Grades

You will be surprised to know that good grades can give you a significant discount. Students with an A or B average are 33% less likely to be involved in a crash during their first year they are driving compared to those who have C or D grades.

You must meet these requirements
-Have at least a 3.0 average
-Make the Deans List
-Make the Honor Roll
-Are home schooled and are in the top 20% of those who take the PSAT, SAT or ACT

Discounts can range 10% all the way up to 25%

Don’t take a car to college.

Those who go to a school that is more than 100 miles away and leave their car at home, and only drive when at home can get a 7% discount

Sign a driving contract

-Always wear a seatbelt
-Never text or eat while driving
-Call for a ride if impaired
-Pay off any traffic or driving tickets
-Maintain good grades
-Contribute to the cost of car maintenance, gas, and insurance

Discounts can vary by state.

There are certain types of cars that are better for teens to drive. These are the things to look for in a vehicle when you are a teenager.

Low horsepower

Teens will get the temptation to drive fast. Having a powerful car will make that even more tempting. So getting a low horsepower car is beneficial for a teen. You can always get a bigger, more powerful vehicle when you have been driving a few years. It is better to be safe then have a fancy high powered car.

Electronic stability control

This feature will help the car remain stable on curves, slippery roads. You will be able to maintain control easier and driving in inclement weather, like snow and ice, will be easier. This feature will help the car maintain stability, and it reduces fatal car crashes by 49%. That is a high safety average you can count on.

High Safety ratings

The best cars for teens have the highest safety ratings for all aspects of the vehicle.

The best cars for teens are used vehicles that have a lower insurance rate. 83% of parents purchase a used car for their children.

Getting your license is exciting, but there are a lot of things to consider. Driving safely and following all the rules are paramount to your driving success. And they are also vital to getting affordable car insurance. Driving safely under your parent’s insurance is the best way to go financially, and following the tips here will give you the best start in your driving career.

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