The Detrimental Effects of Too Much Clutter

The Detrimental Effects of Too Much Clutter

Your room should feel like your own personal sanctuary. Whether you’re just beginning to express yourself on your room’s walls or you’re about to move into a college dorm room of your own, your room is a place where you should feel comfortable being yourself. Unfortunately, we often let our rooms drain us rather than benefit us without even realizing it. One way this happens is when we keep too much clutter around us. We’ll show you the detrimental effects of too much clutter so that you can see why it’s important to stay tidy.

It Drains Your Energy

The presence of clutter in a room is a common reason many people have trouble concentrating on the important things. Your brain can only handle so much input throughout the day, and clutter adds to the number of things it needs to visually process at once. If you feel tired when you look around your room, it’s probably time to start picking things up and getting back to normal.

It Increases Stress

There’s already enough to deal with on a day-to-day basis. You need somewhere you can go to relax. If your room is full to the brim, it won’t be the relaxing place it’s supposed to be. Looking around at the mess you’ll have to clean eventually can be just another thing to add to your daily stress. Gather up what you don’t need, sell or donate it to somewhere like the Purple Heart Pickup, and watch the stress melt away.

It Can Affect Your Physical Health

One of the worst detrimental effects of clutter is that it gathers lots of dust and allergens. If you have allergies, a cluttered room is very likely to set them off. Even if you don’t have allergies, the accumulated dust and irritants can cause you to develop them over time. Dusting can only do so much, so let go of the clutter before it becomes a hazard to your health.

It Lowers Sleep Quality

As if you needed another reason to lose all the extra stuff, a cluttered room is also bad for your sleep schedule. Most people’s minds can’t relax when looking at a disorganized mess. And if your brain can’t relax properly, you won’t be able to get that deep sleep your body needs so badly. You can’t count sheep properly if the sheep are running around a cluttered field.

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