Thoughtful Gifts To Make for Your Grandparents

Okay, let’s be honest: grandma and grandpa can be super hard to shop for because it seems like they already have everything they could possibly need. So what do you get them for the holidays?

Try these thoughtful gifts to make for your grandparents. They’ll appreciate the effort, and it’s a great way to practice new hobbies you can take with you in the future!

Colorful Mug

What do grandparents love? Coffee! You can choose to add pretty decals to a blank coffee mug, or you can get creative and draw a fun design on it. You can also take the route of using the fun nail polish trick—that we’ve all seen by now—to add a touch of class and impress them with your mad skills.

Photo Ornament

Gift your grandparents with something they’ll treasure forever with an adorable photo ornament. When you come over for the holidays, your gift will be front and center on the tree. You can click here to get yours.

You can use a photo of yourself, your family, or even a selfie you took with grandma that definitely took at least three takes because they “didn’t like how it came out.”

Personalized Coasters

If your grandparents have too many coffee mugs—which is highly probable—then try making them personalized coasters! Remember, your DIY gifts don’t have to be totally made from scratch; you can add your own style to them and show off your creative skills.

Simply get a set of four to six and start designing. They’ll appreciate having a place to keep all their coffee and think of you whenever they use it!

Cozy Throw

Okay, you may need to watch a few YouTube videos to get this one right—unless you’re already a master knitter. In that case, kudos!

There’s no such thing as “too many blankets,” so your grandparents will absolutely love what you make for them. But you’ll need to understand three factors to consider when selecting the right fabric.

These thoughtful gifts to make for your grandparents are super easy, cheap to make, and can actually be pretty fun once you get the process. Make their day by making them a special gift—trust us; they’ll love it!

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