Tips for Dealing With a Senior Year Slump

High school is a mixed bag of ups and downs, but when the semester finally ends, you’ll look back on the last four years and let out a sigh of relief. Still, how do you deal with procrastination and exhaustion until then?

As much as you might want to take the next flight out to London and get away from it all, you have to fight through senioritis. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Use these tips for dealing with a senior year slump and make it to graduation.

Tips for Dealing With a Senior Year Slump

Get Involved

You’ve likely heard it before, but getting involved in after-school activities like theatre, sports, and clubs will make your senior year go by faster.

Time seems to drag on when you go to school for hours, go home, do homework, and do it again the next day. When you actually do something fun with your free time, it’ll almost seem like time is going too fast!

Doing something you love will keep you motivated to stay on top of your obligations and prove a lifesaver when you need to escape those algebra problems.

Study With Friends

Studying for tests is only boring if you let it be! Grab your besties and have a study party, whether at someone’s place or a local coffee shop. That’ll make studying for tests easier to deal with. Success in your exams can boost your grades and help you get into the university you’ve always wanted to go to.

Be Kind to Yourself

The most important thing to remember is to be kind to yourself. It’s hard enough being a senior with expectations weighing heavily on our shoulders. You don’t need the extra stress from your own negative self-talk.

Take time to meditate as soon as you get home and let the school day melt away, no matter how hard it was. You can also just remind yourself that you literally only have a couple of months left, and then you’re done.

Eat balanced meals when possible and get physically active for at least 30 minutes each day. Taking care of your physical health will positively affect your mental health.

Talk to Your Teachers

If you’re falling behind in your classes, talk to your teachers (ideally, yesterday). They’re available to help you, so let them. Ask for extra credit, tutoring, homework help, anything you might need to catch up. If you let yourself slack, things won’t look good during finals week.

Switch Up Your Wardrobe

A fantastic way to lift yourself out of that senior slump is to switch up your wardrobe with new year styles and trends. You’ll feel amazing, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. It’s honestly amazing what new clothes can do for your mental health. When you feel confident in your clothes, you can tackle anything!

These tips for dealing with a senior year slump will help you break the unhealthy habits that add to the senioritis and create better routines until you’re ready to graduate!

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