Tips for Designing the Trendiest Dorm on the Floor

Making friends at college seems easy in all the movies and on TV, but Hollywood lies about everything. One of the biggest lies portrayed in college movies is the size of your dorm room. Most likely, you will share a space that is smaller than your current bedroom with a person you’ve never even met. The college dorm room experience will test you, but you can take it in stride when everyone is partying at the coolest dorm on campus—yours. Uncover tips for designing the trendiest dorm on the floor to take control of the only thing at college you have any power over.

Tips for Designing the Trendiest Dorm on the Floor

Collaborate With Your Roommate

The only way you’re going to get power over your dorm room’s design is if you collaborate with your roommate. Your options are to split the room and design your own halves or come together so you can mesh your creativity and space. When you collaborate with your roommate, you can share appliances like the microwave and coffee maker to help save space.

Be Creative With Your Space

When you get to your dorm room, you will find it in a prearranged standard formation. Rather than leaving it the way it is, you can find creative ways to style the furniture you were provided to give yourself more space and create more opportunities for storage. Some dorms have beds that lift and lower so you can store your dresser or desk underneath. Many modern dorms provide stackable furniture options.

Pro Tip: Make space to add additional furniture like a comfy chair to your dorm room. You can make your space feel more like home with accent pieces.

Decorate Your Bed

The focal point of any dorm room is your bed. You will use your bed for more than sleeping. Though dorm rooms typically come with desks, you will likely also use your bed to study or work on projects. And your bed will be a place to host guests when friends visit. Since it will get a lot of use, you want bedding that is easy to wash. Consider the difference between a comforter and a duvet. With a comforter, you must wash the entire blanket, while with duvets, you typically only need to wash the outside cover.

Style Your Floor

Adding a rug or layer of rugs to your dorm room floor will make your room the best-looking space on your floor. Few people think to style their floors in college. You can add a welcome mat outside your door, layer rugs at the entrance, and place one at the foot of your bed where you get up in the morning. Mix and match colors and textures to give your dorm room a unique look that everyone will try to match.

Style Dorm Walls 

Dorm Rooms should reflects the style & personality of the person living in it. Adding a wall art to your dorm room will improve the creativity and concentration. The one living in the designed dorm room will be appreciated by it’s neighbours as well.

Follow these tips for designing the trendiest dorm on the floor, and you’ll win awards. If your RA runs a contest, you’ll already be in the running for best room in the building. Don’t forget to communicate with your roommate about how you want to set up your room. If you disagree, find places where you can compromise and make the best out of what you can control.

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