Tips for Developing Your Own Animation Style

Evolving as an artist entails putting your unique stamp on the work you produce. When it comes to animation, you want other people to identify your designs immediately. Continue reading to discover tips for developing your animation style.

Tips for Developing Your Own Animation Style

Practice as Much as Possible

First, you should draw as much as you can in a dedicated sketchbook or drawing tablet. Draw both what you love working on and what you don’t. Experiment with your illustrations by adding and removing various features to see what you want most.

Think About What Animations You Enjoy

Figure out what type of cartoons, anime, and video games you like and think about the design choices they use in their content. Pay special attention to features, such as whether characters have round or square heads, how their mouths move, proportional or disproportional bodies, or even realistic digits. You can then begin to emulate those design choices in your work.

Copy the Artists You Like the Most

It may sound contradictory, but imitating other people’s work can help you produce unique work. Try to copy another person’s style to help you learn their techniques, and you’ll gradually begin to add your nuances. You won’t need their work as a reference point for long because you’ll have developed your distinct style using their work as a jumping-off point.

Use Real-Life for Inspiration

Using real-life references can help you create more realistic animations that mimic human behavior while still putting your own spin on them. Look at how people interact with others and the world around them. Try to use photos and videos of natural objects to base your drawings on, then start to figure out how you can change little details around them.

The essential thing you can do to set yourself up for success when you begin your animation career is to dedicate some time each day to your craft. By combining these tips for developing your own animation style with your hard work, you will eventually settle on a brand that reflects your personality.

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