Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

As you and your friends are starting to drive, one of the most appealing parts of your new freedom is the idea of going on a road trip together. However, parents have every right to worry, as these can be risky. To help you prepare and set your parents’ minds at ease, follow these tips for getting your car ready for a road trip.

Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

Top Off Fluids

A vehicle with insufficient levels of some fluids would quickly run itself in the ground. Make sure there is enough engine oil, or maybe even get an oil change before you leave. While you’re under the hood, make sure there is plenty of brake, transmission, radiator, and windshield wiper fluid.

Keep an Emergency Kit

You never know when your car might break down, hence the need for an emergency kit. While on a road trip, consider bringing along a tool kit, extra fluids, water, snacks, snow chains, a blanket, and a car jack. Many roadside problems are fixable with a few tools and some know-how. If you are aware of any weaknesses with the condition of your used vehicle, bring supplies or extra parts to manage any problems that arise.

Check the Tires

Your car will get nowhere without inflated tires, and underinflated tires can also dramatically decrease your gas mileage. So while you are pumping them up, double-check that the spare tire is at the correct psi. It’s also an excellent time to check the tires to ensure they have enough tread left and don’t contain any nails.

Have a Plan

For the first few road trips you take, you should write down a detailed plan and communicate it with your parents. That way, if anything happens, they’ll know exactly where you should be and when. Providing a detailed itinerary will alleviate some of the stress that anxious parents have about letting you take a road trip. Start taking trip smaller distances first, like across town or to a nearby hiking spot. Then, with practice and with trust, you can eventually plan a trip spanning the state or even the country.

Get a Pre-Travel Inspection

The last tip for getting your car ready for a road trip is to consider getting a pre-travel inspection from a local mechanic. For $50-100, they will look over all aspects of your car to make sure you didn’t miss issues that might put you at risk. In addition, they can tell you what is essential to repair and what you should keep an eye on.

Equip essential car accessories

Properly-fitted car accessories not only offer a major style upgrade to any vehicle’s interior. It also provides comfort for the car’s users and protection for the car itself. And with road trips where it’s just you and the car for hours on end, being comfortable and safe will greatly improve the whole experience!

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