Tips for Improving Your At-Home Manicures

Tips for Improving Your At-Home Manicures

Painting your nails is so much fun! And you can achieve the perfect look while increasing your nail skills by following a few practices. Check out these awesome tips for improving your at-home manicures today!

Always Start With Clean and Clipped Nails

Before starting any beauty look, it’s essential to wash your hands to get rid of germs or bacteria. After washing your hands, you must prep your nails too. Clip your nails to a short length to make your manicure easier to maintain. Long nails are likely to break, and they will cause the polish to chip or peel. Therefore, it’s best to start on a clean (and short) slate.

Use Nail Accessories for Extra Flare

Stickers, gems, rhinestones, and foils are accessories that will take your manicure to the next level! If you want unique nails that show off your personality, consider those cute additions. You can also follow tips and tricks to make the accessories look professional. For example, using tweezers to pick up stickers is one tip for applying nail stickers like a pro!

Don’t Forget a Base Coat and Top Coat

The base coat provides protection between your natural nail and the nail polish by preventing polish stains. In addition, it makes applying your nail polish way easier! But before you finish your manicure, don’t forget to add a top coat. A clear top coat locks in your color, ensuring that the manicure lasts longer. It also prevents chips and peeling.

Use the Right Nail Polish

Another tip for improving your at-home manicure is to use the right nail polish. With tons of products in stores, it’s easy to select the wrong thing. For instance, gel and regular polish aren’t the same because the gel requires a special light to dry the manicure. And without the proper tools, you can’t complete the nail look. That’s why it’s important to make sure you choose the right products for your manicure.

Work on Maintaining Your Manicures

After working on completing the perfect nail look, you must maintain the manicure. Avoiding picking or biting your nails, rubbing them across rough surfaces, or soaking them in water will help you maintain your nails. You want to make your nails look great for a long time!

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