Tips for Incoming College Freshmen

Going off to college is a fun and exciting time in your life. Whether you’re heading to school this fall or you’re dreaming of your eventual options, you should know what to expect and how to prepare.

As exciting as going to college is, it can be scary and overwhelming. Check out these awesome tips for incoming college freshmen to set your mind at ease.

Tips for Incoming College Freshmen

Don’t Stress About Making Friends

One of the biggest fears people have going into college for their freshmen year is having to make new friends. In many cases, new college students haven’t had to make new friends since early childhood.

Remind yourself that nobody knows a bunch of people when they first arrive on campus—everyone is looking for new friends. Get involved, join clubs, and get to know your classmates. Friendships are bound to blossom in the new college environment.

Make Your Dorm Cozy

Whether you live in a traditional dorm or in apartment style-housing, you need to make the space cozy. Even though it feels a little industrial when you first arrive, you can alter the vibes with some simple changes. Most dorms have cinderblock walls painted some sort of neutral color. To solve this, hang things! Tapestries, photos, art—anything to add some color and create an aesthetic.

Many new college students end up furnishing their dorms or apartments with hand-me-down furniture from well-meaning relatives, but this stuff can be old and dingy. Make it match your style by finding ways to breathe new life into your furniture.

Work on Time Management Before Moving in

Time management is a tough skill for incoming college freshmen to master. It can make or break your first year of college. This is likely the first time in your life where you have complete control over your day. Nobody will make you go to class. Nobody will tell you when to eat your meals. No one will hold you accountable for balancing studying and having fun.

The summer before college, try to get your bearings by creating a schedule. Even if you don’t have responsibilities in the mornings, set an alarm and get up at a consistent time. Spend time each day reading. This is great practice for holding yourself to a schedule without an authority figure checking in on you. Developing time management skills means you can have fun and get good grades (and enough sleep!)

College is an exciting time, and you’ll have tons of fun and learn many new things. Don’t fret too much. It’s scary, but you can do it!

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