Tips for Overcoming Creative Blocks for Artists

Tips for Overcoming Creative Blocks for Artists

Creative block: artists everywhere live in dread of it and are constantly trying to come up with tips and strategies for overcoming it. Let us help with some advice that many artists—from musicians to painters—use to break out of their creative funk!

Step Away From Screens

Digital technology is essential for many modern artists, whether music producers, writers, or graphic artists. But staring at a screen all day can drain the mind and eyes, so if you’re running into a creative wall, consider turning everything off and stepping away from the screens.

Go for a walk around the neighborhood or sit outside and enjoy nature. It’s an excellent way to rest the mind and recharge the creative juices.

Establish a Creative Space

A designated creative space is important for many musicians and creators. The outside world can be intrusive and distracting, so having a room or area exclusively for working on creative endeavors is the ideal way to break away from distractions and focus on art.

For some, a creative space is a room, a garage, a desk, or even just a table. The details aren’t significant—a creative space is somewhere an artist can shut out the world and get into the flow of creating something.

Embrace Failure

Many artists are paralyzed by the fear of failure, so much so that they have trouble starting or finishing anything because it’s not perfect. But all artists will tell you that failure is just part of the process—it’s how you learn and grow as an artist.

Don’t be afraid to fail! The only failure is stopping or giving up.

Do Simple Chores

It may seem like the last thing you want to do when dealing with debilitating creative blocks, but one of the best ways to relax your mind is to do some simple, menial tasks. It lets your brain shut off while staying busy, letting you wander and think about your creative project.

So do the dishes sitting in your sink, take out the garbage, or sweep the floors—you’ll be surprised at how fast ideas will come to you when you stop thinking so hard!


Physical exercise increases endorphins in the brain to stimulate more energy and happiness, so consider going for a run or some manual labor.

Break Down the Tasks

Many artists will get hung up on the extensive work ahead of them needed to finish their projects. It can be intimidating, so it’s wise to break up projects into smaller, more manageable tasks that you can complete in a day or hour.

It makes you feel more productive and can get the ideas flowing!

Talk It Out

One of the significant problems for artists overcoming creative blocks is the solo work of creating art. They’re stuck by themselves for long periods, constantly thinking and stuck in their heads.

One way to break through that wall is to talk it out with a friend or fellow artist. Having a sounding board to externalize and unburden your thoughts can feel liberating and clear your mind.

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