Tips for Starting Your Career in the Oil Field

So, you’re considering a career in one of the five most hard-working jobs in America. Becoming an oil field worker is no easy task, and the physical requirements are very demanding. If you’re considering starting your career down this path, get in the know about what you will need to do upon graduating high school to begin this type of work.

Tips for Starting Your Career in the Oil Field

Trade School

This is not a requirement but more so of a recommendation. Most entry-level oil field jobs require no prior education, but you will need a significant amount of determination and a strong work ethic. Choosing to go to trade school, though, could benefit your position in the field in the future because it can help you earn supervisory skills that will set you apart from other candidates.

Physical Fitness and Health

Working on an oil rig is physically demanding, so you need to keep up with these types of positions’ requirements to find success. Your physical health should be in supreme condition, and you should and will be exercising daily while in this career. If you do not take care of your physical health, you may have difficulty keeping up on the job.

Connect and Find Employers

Oil rigs are in specific locations, meaning you will most likely need to travel long distances to complete each job. If you don’t want to move across the country, there are options to do contract work—meaning you will travel to the job for some time and then return home until the next assignment. Connect with professionals in the industry to find out more about the job and get your foot in the door if you are serious about this career path.

Begin Working

The best way to learn about the position is to do it on the job. A hands-on experience is always better than learning from a textbook, and your skills in this industry are best understood by jumping into the deep end and gaining on-the-job skills. Each role within the industry is different, so be patient because while the career may be for you, each individual role may not be.

The best time to start searching for a career path is a few years before graduating high school. Learn about the jobs that interest you the most. If starting a career in the oil field is at the top of your list, job shadow other professionals so you can experience first-hand what the position is like.

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