Tips On How to Write an Essay in 1 Hour: Guide

Why would you do this to yourself? You probably extended the thought process way too long. All this time, you seemed clueless about how to write your write-up. Anyway, the best thing you have done so far is to land here. Now stop sweating and focus on the tips mentioned below.

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Narrow-minded Focus

All right, you have already been all over the place. It is time to hit the bull’s eye now. Stay focused on the task you are assigned. Avoid all the distractions and get started. Switch off your mobile phone, tab, TV set, and all the distractions around. Only if music helps you focus, keep it on. Else, switch it off. Before we share further tips, sample guide papers explaining how to finish your essay in 1 hour are available at EduJungles.

Let’s move on to further tips. Make sure you choose a non-lyrical music list. At times, a lyrical music list may distract your thoughts and shift your focus. Keep your list to instrumental, without lyrics music. Likewise, you may also consider classical music or the sound of nature as your background music for productive writing, especially for the long essay. Get all the necessary tools, utensils, journals reading material ready before finally sitting down to write. Get the pre-production phase started in no time. Do not leave any gaps that later distract you in the writing process. Make sure you do all that it takes you to focus on the task.

Absorb the Topic

It is one of the backbone tips for any writing task. Make sure you have understood the topic. Many write-ups have failed miserably only because of a lack of understanding of the topic. Students tend to start the task with little or no comprehension of the brief given by the examiner. As a result, the paper turns out to be offbeat from what it should be. However, if you want to skip all this hassle altogether, writing services, such as EduJungles, assist you even in the last hour.

You must be wondering how to write an essay in one hour. So, the master tip to crafting a perfect paper is to absorb the topic first. Even an urgent paper writing task requires some prerequisites to meet. The groundwork and preparation include brainstorming about how to go about it. Analyze the main idea. Probably, it has to be a question or a problem that you have to discuss. Make sure you think and jot down all the relevant answers and solutions. Look out for research material, sources of information, scholarly articles, and factual data to prove your stance on the subject. Remember, writing can be a daunting task, and your abilities will surely be tested in the process. With less time and deadlines getting closer, the chances of fatigue are quite obvious.

If you are still confused and unable to get started, consider the option to hire a professional writing company. is helping thousands of students daily strangled in a situation like yours.

An Outline is Indeed Helpful

By now, you’ve understood the topic, gathered all the necessary information and research material at your disposal. This step will act as a catalyst in crafting your essay more quickly.

Outlining the essay will ease down so many things for you. This phase includes:

  • Finalizing the thesis statement;
  • Jotting down your best arguments;
  • Sequencing your paragraphs and ideas that you will discuss in your essay.

Develop a perfect plan for your essay. Gather all your material and shortlist the relevant details. This part is a rough layout of your paper.  Next time somebody asks you how to write a research paper fast? Tell them this secret tip of developing an outline. It makes life easy for the writer when the writing process eventually starts. Besides, outlining helps you to gauge the flow of ideas. Also, it improves the essay structure.

Many students tend to develop a word bank during the outline-making step. Gather vocabulary and phrases on the sidelines. Make sure you have jotted down enough sentence connectors and synonyms you think will help enhance the language of the essay. So, have you been searching online: “who can write my essay?” Now you know how to and where to get help.

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Write Now

With almost all the tips to write a paper now on your fingertips, writing won’t give you a tough time. At least, it won’t be a tedious process now. With all the pre-production work, you can now execute the outline quickly. This step requires you to be subtle and to the point. Craft your sentences in a way that you integrate your ideas from the outline. Because you have planned your notes well, writing shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

Don’t forget to introduce the topic on a powerful note. Make sure you hook the reader from the word go. There is no rule for what to write when. For instance, many students write down the introduction paragraph after completing the paper. However, many feel the traditional order of things is a perfect way to go about it. Conclude the essay on a high note. Make sure the concluding paragraph leaves an everlasting impression on the reader. An impactful conclusion will land you high grades than a mediocre one.

Go Slow – Edit and Proofread

If someone asks you how to write an essay in an hour, tell them to keep buffer time for proofreading. You don’t want to waste all the hard work done with common mistakes and spelling errors. Make sure you give yourself enough time to edit the whole essay. Reading the essay multiple times is an effective remedy for eliminating errors. You may also use grammar, spell checking software to save time. In case you don’t have these perks, grammar checks, proofreading, and editing should be a go-slow process. Relax and be attentive while being in this stage. Read each sentence carefully. Keep omitting extra information and details to make the essay look precise and to the point. Make necessary changes in the language if required. Make sure you have not repeated words. Sentence connectors help in better cohesion and smooth flow. Ensure you have addressed all the nitty-gritty of the essay in this part. However, if you feel stuck with this part, you can ask a professional to do it. You can also ask them to rewrite paper online free.

Now you know how to accomplish the task of writing an essay in an hour. All these tips are evaluated and shortlisted, keeping in mind the best practices in professional essay writing. Therefore, one hour is surely enough time to do wonders when it comes to writing an essay.

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