Tooth Loss — Is There a Way to Avoid It?

Tooth Loss — Is There a Way to Avoid It?

In some cases, losing a tooth can be a perfectly normal thing. But there are situations when it is the complete opposite. In any case, tooth loss is always a scary thing, especially if we talk about permanent teeth. To prevent tooth loss, you should first sort out gum diseases at a cosmetic dentist in newmarket on.

If you need emergency dental care in Lakeview, there are a few great options. But did you know that this kind of tooth emergency can be avoided? There are a couple of ways you can prevent extraction and avoid unpleasant situations in the future. Here, we will go through some of the reasons why tooth loss might happen, what the risk factors are, and what you can do if it happens.

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Types of Tooth Loss

The first thing to discuss here is the types of tooth loss. In some cases, this is perfectly normal, and there is nothing to worry about. If we are talking about deciduous teeth, also known as baby teeth, well, they will be replaced at some point as the child grows older, and it is a natural process. 

After all, milk teeth are the first teeth that appear in the jaw. They usually have smaller roots, and removing them is rarely painful. Once the tooth falls out, a permanent one will grow in its place. But losing baby teeth is not the only type of tooth loss — adults are are not immune to it.

And that leads us to the second type that is usually caused by other factors. As we age, our teeth are exposed to various mechanical forces and stress. While some of these mechanical forces are normal, for example, chewing, others are usually bad habits that you should pay attention to and keep in check. 

Is Tooth Loss Normal?

If we are talking about a child losing their baby teeth, the process is perfectly normal, and there is nothing to worry about. However, if a grownup is experiencing tooth loss, it can be a sign that there is a deeper underlying problem they need to take care of. 

As we grow older, teeth often become weaker. But that doesn’t mean that losing teeth is unavoidable. Yes, a decline in oral health and quality of teeth is something you can expect. But with proper care, it might be something you can avoid. 

Older adults are usually the ones with tooth loss problems, and it is important to talk about the age of the person experiencing such issues. If we are talking about someone aged between 20 and 50, tooth loss might be a sign of a more serious issue. 

What Causes Tooth Loss?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why someone might lose their permanent teeth. We have already mentioned that teeth are exposed to mechanical forces like chewing. But some people have problems with bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding. If a person grinds their teeth in sleep, the extra pressure might damage or even break them. As a result, an exposed tooth root will become vulnerable, which might lead to extraction. 

Of course, the most common cause of this problem is periodontal disease, a gum disease that can damage the soft tissue around your teeth. Once the gum tissue is infected, it can destroy the bone providing support for the tooth if left untreated. The chances of getting periodontitis increase with age, and it is quite common. 

Other issues with gums include gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums. If you notice redness or swelling around the gum area, it is a clear sign that you need to pay your emergency dentist a visit. Also, any type of trauma to the jaw or teeth can lead to tooth extraction if there is no way to repair the damage. 

Risk Factors

Now that we’ve seen some of the causes that might lead to tooth loss, let’s take a look at some of the risk factors that may affect it. First, there are a couple of things you need to pay attention to that might be a sign of potential dental problems. 

The first group at risk are people older than thirty-five. Furthermore, being male increases the chances of getting a periodontal disease as well. Naturally, oral hygiene will play an important role in the process. If you never use a toothbrush, you will have a higher chance of losing teeth.  

Smoking can also affect teeth, and this is something that affects both current and past smokers. Moreover, if a person has diabetes, high blood pressure, or rheumatoid arthritis, the chances of tooth loss will increase further. 

The safest option is to try and focus on dental health and talk to your dentist. They will be able to spot any changes and see if there are early signs of dental issues. However, most problems are easily avoidable if you focus on your health and listen to what professionals have to say. Of course, in case of a dental emergency, immediately visiting a clinic is your best bet.

What Can You Do About It?

It mostly comes down to how serious the condition is. As we mentioned, a dentist will be able to spot early signs of periodontal disease. Then, they will suggest a couple of treatment options. These might include anything from replacing a single tooth to dental implants. However, tooth replacement is avoidable with proper dental care. 

Naturally, if the situation is serious and you are in need of emergency dental services, the best option is to go to a walk-in dentist. This will allow you to receive necessary care without waiting or scheduling an appointment. As for the tooth loss treatment, the only viable option is replacement since an alternative is not possible. Dentists will usually suggest tooth extraction as the last option, and their primary focus will be saving the tooth if it is possible. 

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