Top 5 Best Foods To Cook On a First Date

Breaking the ice on a first date is difficult. If you often find yourself stuck on uncomfortable first dates, we recommend breaking this pattern by inviting your dates over for a cooking session.

Cooking is great for skipping over awkward introductions and pushing people to work together. However, your date can quickly go south if you try to create dishes that are too complicated. In this blog, we share the top five best foods to cook on a first date to help you get started.

Top 5 Best Foods To Cook On a First Date

1) Chicken Parmesan

Cooking chicken parmesan requires time and commitment. However, this dish is also highly satisfying and ideal for a first-date meal. The prep and cooking time for chicken parmesan will give you and your date more time to bond, get to know each other, and witness one another’s kitchen skills.

Most importantly, you’ll have a highly satisfying and delicious meal to indulge in as a reward for your work.  

2) Tacos

Sharing cooking responsibilities with another person can be stressful. If you’re a picky eater or particular about the seasoning and spices in your foods, you probably prefer creating your own meal. For those who like to control their plates, tacos bars are an excellent option.

The concept of taco bars is simple. You and your date can collaborate and cook whatever meats you prefer in your tacos. Once you finish cooking the taco meats, you can still claim control over your toppings. 

3) Pancakes

Although people classify pancakes as a breakfast food, they’re the perfect meal to throw together for a future first date too. There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and spark conversation when you cook pancakes together.

Pay attention to whether your date prefers chocolate chips, blueberries, bananas, or even peanut butter on their pancakes. This lighthearted food will give you an intimate look at their food preferences and keep your cooking date stress-free.

4) Ramen Noodles

Not everyone has the cooking abilities of a five-star chef. If you and your date aren’t naturals in the kitchen, consider reinventing a classic college dorm room favorite: ramen noodles. There are plenty of ways to elevate this simple meal and make it more delicious and refined. Add seasoning, eggs, and any other ingredients to make it personal.

5) Oreo Balls

Oreo balls are one of the many delicious candies you can make at home for your date. After cooking a large dinner, you’ll need a sweet treat to finish off your date. Oreo balls are the perfect combination of crunchy dark chocolate and smooth Oreo and cream cheese filling. This dessert will be the ideal finish for your date. 

Start your next first date off right by hosting a cooking night. Refer to these top five best foods to cook on a first date for inspiration, and remember to create connections while you cook.

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