Top 5 Ways To Look Stylish With Minimal Effort

Teen life is more exhausting than your parents want to believe. You’re slammed with schoolwork and extracurriculars while trying to maintain a social life. And on top of that, your body and mind are growing in spurts!

Make more time for rest and fun by putting together minimal-effort ensembles that pack a punch—there are many ways to look stylish without spending all morning assembling an outfit.

Top 5 Ways To Look Stylish With Minimal Effort

Go for Neutrals

Got an early-morning presentation? Black, grey, and other neutral colors are sure to look professional, and you don’t have to spend extra time finding pieces that match. Combine dark jeans with a black blouse or blazer for an elegant, no-fuss look.

Wear Classic Shoes

Your shoe wardrobe should be fully stocked with clean, presentable shoes that aren’t too bright. Sneakers, slip-ons, and boots in classic shades match a wide variety of outfits. If you’ve got a few sturdy pairs to fall back on, you can cut that extra decision-making time out of your morning.

Keep It Clean

The cutest and trendiest duds in the world won’t do much for you if they’re rumpled and dirty. Do a load of laundry once a week and choose freshly laundered clothes to wear in the morning. Clean shirts and wrinkle-free jackets work wonders for your ensemble.

Use Strategic Layers

With a couple of extra layers, your outfit will be ready for changes in weather—and vibe. If you’re on your way from band practice to dinner with the family, a simple cardigan or blazer will help with that transition.

Don’t Forget Accessories

Accessorizing is one of the easiest fashion hacks for folks who want to look put together without spending hours trying on outfits. Pull on a hat or add a brooch to your jacket to transform a plain outfit into a snappy ensemble.

Free yourself from the temptation to look through your closet all morning in search of the perfect ensemble. There are plenty of low-effort ways to look stylish that free up extra time for you—why not follow a few of these tips and sleep in tomorrow morning?

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