Top Fundraising Ideas for Teens

If you’re a teen looking to get involved in charity fundraising, you might be trying to come up with quality fundraising ideas that will be relatively enjoyable for teens to get involved in. From water projects to food appeals, there are a number of charitable initiatives that you can get involved in. If fundraising is enjoyable, this will provide you with the energy and enthusiasm to make a difference. As a result, detailed below are some of the top fundraising ideas for teens to make a valuable difference for worthy causes.

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Photo Book

First and foremost, you might put together a photo book for your church youth group or school club, which members can then purchase. This has the potential to be a great memory in years to come, meaning that a significant number of people will be interested in it. Much like a yearbook, a photo book can be a collation of well-organized photos that members can look back on in years to come with fondness. Simply account for the production costs of the books and donate all proceeds to your chosen charity.

Oscars or Big Game House Parties

From the Oscars telecast to a significant sporting event, events such as these present the perfect opportunity to host a house party or multiple house parties in which fundraising can be carried out. Use your invitations to state that there will be an entry fee in order to raise funds for charity. Similarly, you should encourage guests to bring beverages and snacks. You might boost your fundraising efforts even more by placing a donation jar on the table. This way, anyone who wishes to give more can do so.

Potluck Spaghetti Dinner

As a teen, you’re likely able to pull together some kind of spaghetti dish. Therefore, you might gather all your friends and have everyone bring some kind of pasta dish, bread, drinks, or dessert. You can then hold an event in the school cafeteria or a recreation center and charge people a set fee to enjoy the community meal. Make sure you make it clear that this is a fundraising event, meaning all funds raised will go towards a good cause. This is the ideal fundraising method during the holidays, as it promotes a sense of community like nothing else.

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Teens Cookbook

Another way that teens could get into fundraising is by producing and marketing a cookbook that’s designed for teens. As a teen, you’ll be getting more and more independence, meaning you might be getting into cooking. Despite this, if you’ve never cooked before, you’re going to want to start with some simple recipes. To gather ideas, each of your friends might contribute a family recipe so that you have a wide variety of dishes. Not only will this be greatly helpful for a number of teenagers or even young adults heading off to college, but it will be a nice keepsake for everyone who got involved in the making of it.

 Party Clothes Sale

Last but not least, as a teen, you’ll be constantly growing, meaning you likely have a number of clothes in your closet that no longer fit you. Many of these pieces will be formal, meaning they won’t have gotten too much wear. As a result, these are the perfect pieces to sell and donate the proceeds to charity. Not only is this a great charitable initiative, but it’s also better for the environment, as clothing is given the opportunity to get a second life.

Starting fundraising as a teen sets you up for a life of charitable giving so employ some of the above ideas today!

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