Top Must-Know Tips for Safe Winter Driving

As the weather gets colder, there’s only one thing on people’s minds: winter is coming. While snowball fights, hot chocolate, and holiday presents are things to look forward to, you must ensure you stay safe wherever you go, especially as a teen driver. Read the top must-know tips for safe winter driving to learn more.

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Drive Carefully

This pointer may sound obvious. But the most important tip you must know for winter driving is to be careful. Never speed or drive aggressively on snow. Not only will you spin out, but you’ll risk getting into an avoidable accident. Defensive driving is your best friend in the winter. Slow down as snow and ice accumulate on the ground. The last thing you want is to slip, slide, and lose control of your vehicle. At best, you’ll end up in a snowbank. At worst, this could result in a serious collision. Also, keep your distance. No one wants to drive in the winter if they don’t have to, which means most people will keep a respectable distance from other motorists. Do the same. Also, avoid distractions. If you like to listen to music, keep it at a low volume so that you can concentrate on the road. Keep your phone turned off and tell passengers to behave and wear their seatbelts.

Keep an Emergency Kit on Hand

It also helps to carry an all-seasons emergency kit on hand. An emergency kit can help you in a sticky situation. For example, if ice freezes over your windshield or you become stuck in a snowbank, an emergency kit has what you need to help. With that in mind, the best things to have in your emergency kit are a flashlight, sand or cat litter, an ice scraper, a tire kit, and medical supplies. Sand or cat litter may seem strange, but these absorbents reduce moisture on the ground. As a result, they can provide better traction for your wheels. It may also help to have a small shovel in case you need to dig around a snowbank.

Stay Home During Harsh Weather

Finally, a must-know tip for safe winter driving is to stay home if you can. Unless you desperately need to go grocery shopping or have a prior commitment that you can’t avoid, try not to drive when the weather is harsh. Winter increases the risk of accidents far more than any other season due to the snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Never drive during a blizzard or extreme cold. It will impair your vision, ice over roads, and increase travel hazards. Be smart about when you drive in the winter to avoid these issues.

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