Top Tips To Take Care of Your Mental Health During Pregnancy

While you have probably been hotly anticipating becoming pregnant and perhaps even looking forward to it for years, the simple fact is that it is not all pleasure and excitement.

From the moment you become pregnant your body will start changing. Instantly your hormone levels will change, allowing your body to produce the nutrients it needs for the unborn baby. This results in an array of issues, such as nausea, headaches, and tiredness.

Add this to the stress of getting through the first trimester, which is when there is the highest risk of miscarriage, and you can see why many pregnant women suffer mental health issues.

Other Factors

It is worth noting that the changing relationships with those around you and the uncertainty of the future in terms of work and finance, will also contribute toward mental health issues.

In short, you may start to lose your self-identity and question everything. This is a mental health issue and you need to get help.

See Your Consultant

Your obstetrician Sydney isn’t just there to monitor the health of the baby. They are also there to look after you and make sure you are coping with the pregnancy mentally and physically.

Make sure you share with them any feelings you have, both positive and negative. They can then help you deal with the issues or get more specialist help if necessary.

Take Time Out

Preparing for a baby is time-consuming and can be draining. The best way to maintain your mental health during this stage is to take time out every day to do something you enjoy. This can be meditating, reading, walking, or anything else. Don’t be put off by being pregnant, if you normally run 5 miles a day then you can probably continue. Just take it steady and consult your doctor if needed.

The normality and the freedom will help to keep you mentally balanced.


This isn’t the time to eat everything you see and then moan when you hit the scales. You are eating for two but that doesn’t give you an excuse to eat anything. Concentrate on a healthy balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. It’s good for you and your baby and will help you to feel mentally well.

Join A Group

Although you probably have a very supportive partner you may find it beneficial to talk with other pregnant women. Join a group in your area and share your stories and experiences. Simply hearing that others are struggling with the same issues will make you feel better.

You will even be surprised by how normal your actions and feelings are, even though you may not think it at first.

The Bottom Line

Being pregnant is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world but you are still an individual. Sharing your concerns with your partner and others will help you to maintain your mental health and be ready for your baby’s arrival.

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