Travis Miller Seeks to “Shine” With New Album

travis miller

Pop/R&B artist Travis Miller has released his debut full-length album “Shine” today. For those unfamiliar with him, his voice sounds a bit like Justin Timberlake meets Robin Thicke, without being a copy of them. He has his own signature, and leans more towards soul than pop.

While there are a few tracks that you can nod your head to on the album, the standout tracks are the downtempo ones, such as the stellar title track “Shine” and the ballad “Just a Memory.” It is on these where the artist fully explores his vocal range and really shows his soul and individuality. The uptempo songs, frankly, are just okay, and seem to constrain him vocally, with the exception of “Want It All,” which is an interesting, mid-tempo bass-heavy track with excellent production. Probably the potential hit of the album besides the two ballads mentioned.

All in all, good debut and we look forward to hearing more.

Full track listing:

  • Love
  • Want It All
  • Sirens
  • Think About It
  • What I Need
  • Shine
  • Pointless
  • Livin Good
  • Angel in Disguise
  • Just a Memory

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Check out the album here:


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