Undergraduate Degrees You Should Pursue Before Law School

Going into the field of law is an interesting, noble, and high paying career pursuit. A career in law is best reserved for those who love reading, writing, and public speaking, as there is usually a lot of at least two of these three activities in the life of a lawyer. But before you can become a lawyer you need a law degree and before you can get a law degree you need an undergraduate degree. Your choice of major in your undergraduate degree has a big impact on your admission decisions for law school. Here are three of the best undergraduate degrees you should pursue before law school.

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The first undergraduate degree you should consider pursuing before law school is a business degree. While a business degree may seem pretty basic, the truth is that there is a lot of work for lawyers in the world of business. From contracts to inspecting buildings and filing the proper paperwork for business interactions, lawyers hold much of the corporate world together. If you are ultimately interested in spending your career as a lawyer working as a corporate lawyer, choosing to dedicate your undergraduate years to a degree in business is a very smart and sound decision.

Political Science

Another great undergraduate degree for you to pursue before law school is a degree in political science. A political science degree is a brilliant way to learn the ins and outs of government operation, which is crucial for lawyers who technically work under the regulations of the judicial branch of the government. Understanding how the government works will help you know how to choose between specialties. No matter what specialty of law you end up practicing it will involve working with the government, so having a strong understanding of how the government operates is always useful.

Criminal Justice

The final undergraduate degree that you should consider pursuing before going to law school is a degree in criminal justice. If you wish to go into criminal law in particular this is a very good undergraduate major to pursue a degree in. Understanding how the criminal justice system works, procedures, and the thought process of criminals and law enforcement can help you become a better lawyer whether hoping to prosecute or defend.

Becoming a lawyer is a brilliant career path to follow with plenty of room for success. But before going to law school you need an undergraduate degree. If you’re serious about a life in law, consider pursuing one of these three majors in your undergrad work.

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