Valentine’s Day Quick Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day)? We’ve gathered a few cool items which can shorten your search. Check them out!

Drinkmate OmniFizz Beverage Carbonator

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First up is one product we have used around here quite a bit since receiving a test sample: the Drinkmate’s OmniFizz Beverage Carbonator. We are BIG FANS of seltzer water with its crisp, refreshing bubbles. With traditional carbonators such as SodaStream, in order to add some flavor, you need to add the flavor AFTER you carbonate. You cannot just grab any liquid and carbonate it or you get a huge mess all over your kitchen

Drinkmate is the most versatile machine on the market and can carbonate ANY liquid without dilution. That’s right–you can stiick just about anything from fruit juices, lemonade, flat soda, or anything else you might might find in the fridge to sparkle! With no electricity required, the countertop unit is easily portable to picnics, family gatherings, or small parties!

About $110-$150 depending on how many bottls and CO2 canisters you want, and is available on Amazon or at the Drinkmate website. 

Eclat Skin Care Products

Acne Cream

Eclat products3

Eclat’s Acne Cream is full of good stuff, including nano salicylic acid for deep exfoliation plus safflower seed oil for reduced sebum. Add to that some Vitamin C, allantoin, olive fruit oil and remove any parabens and sulfates, this vegan and cruelty-free cream is something you can feel good about adding to your skincare routine. Around $10.

Acne Patches

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Eclat Skincare Acne Patches are a simple and effective way to improve the appearance of pimples while blending with your skin throughout the day. Just stick it on, live your life, and enjoy clearer and smoother skin. Within 6 to 8 hours, hydrocolloid patches absorb pus and gunk from your zits without you having to pick, tweeze, or think about scarring. These 72 translucent patches blend with all skin types and are strong enough to stay on while sleeping, working, and even while taking a shower. Around $6.

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

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With nearly 99.75% pure organic aloe vera, Eclat’s Organic Aloe Vera Gel for face, hair and skin with leave your skin feeling smooth without any stickiness. VITAMIN C fights free radicals while citric acid GENTLY EXFOLIATES. Around $11.

AUVON Neck Stretcher and Relaxer

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If you have a headache, vertigo, neck pain, TMJ pain or muscle tension, try the AUVON Neck Stretcher and Relaxer for just 8 minutes every day. It uses accupressure points known to Traditional Chinese Medicine and requires zero power–just lie down on it in one of two positions, and perform exercises recommended in the included manual.

The unit features six patented TCM acupoints (Fengchi, Tianzhu, and Jingbailao), which when stretching with the natural gravity of your head, offers multi-point precise stimulation and effective relaxation.

The cervical neck traction pillow has a concave cervical guidance groove which can help avoid compressive pain caused by cervical protrusion, while the patented ergonomic curvature is designed to align your cervical spine, restore a healthy C-shape cervical spine and improve blood circulation. About $20.

AUVON 3-in-1 36 Modes TENS Unit 

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Ar you active in sports? No matter what, you are bound to sprain or tear something. We are BIG believers in using TENS units rather than pain medication whhile healing. Our society is overly dependent on pills to solve every problem, which contributes to addiction, overdoses, and even crime. By using a TENS unit, you can reduce the level of pain in your muscles and joints without drugs or at least with lower doses.

AUVON TENS machine combines 3 therapies in 1 device, with TENS providing a safe, non-invasive and drug-free pain relief method that physicians and physical therapists have used for years; EMS helps activate muscles and can be used as a training tool to help increase strength and endurance; Massage helps relax the body, ease fatigue and improve sleep.

This machine has 36 modes, 30 intensity levels and it can be set to different intensities with a gentle transition for different channels. No matter what type of relief you are looking for (tuina, acupuncture, cupping, scraping, etc.), AUVON 36-mode TENS EMS unit is sure to meet any of your pain relief needs. About $45.

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