Vancouver Kids Fashion Week Highlights Fall 2021

Vancouver Kids Fashion Week celebrates the success of it’s second digital season which took place this past Saturday and Sunday morning. Designers from Russia and Vancouver showcased their collections for the FW21 season. Musical entertainment was provided by singer/songwriter, Desi G, who performed a cover of the song, “Never Enough” from the Musical-Drama, The Greatest Showman.

Our teen reporter Nicole Kot was on hand to cover this exciting all-virtual event! Scroll down to watch one of her great interviews.

But first, let’s see some of the highlights of this season’s fashions.

RE-WILD KIDS (Vancouver)

Re-Wild Kids presents their captivating new collection at Vancouver Kids Fashion Week (VFW) for the F/W 2021 Season. Designer Sasha Schaepe creates a sustainable gender-fluid lifestyle project inspired by conscious social movements, connection to nature, and the flourishing of individuals. This brand is a personal response to our current climate crisis, driven by the heart, and crafted by aspiring hands.

“I see to environmentally conscious movements such as ‘rewilding’, ‘unschooling’, and ‘fashion revolution’, to inform my work, as well as my personal lifestyle. I draw creative energy from these philosophies and channel my findings into solution-based designs and services.  ” says designer Sasha Schaepe

Re-Wild Kids offers ethically responsible clothing that will facilitate a mindful lifestyle and inspire the growth of a nature-loving child.

Vancouver Kids Fashion Week3 1


Dasha Beauty Wear presents their new collection, “LIBERTY” which speaks to the world’s current events. This collection is meant to represent the ideal reality in which both children and parents respond to the needs of the moment and work together towards finding closure. The collection name aims at highlighting people’s ever-increasing desire to be free and independent, especially in this particular period marked by recurrent lockdowns and continuous restrictions.

Bright prints, bright colours, and knitted pieces in bell shapes will give your look a touch of extravagance and exclusivity.

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SOVANA (Russia)

Designer Anna Sovana from Krasnodar, Russia, presents their captivating collection at Vancouver Kids Fashion Week (VKFW) for the F/W 2021 Season. The brand focuses mainly on clothing for children and teenagers!
The dynamic and versatile “Fashion must to go” collection aims to convey the idea that fashion, regardless of restrictions and circumstances, will continue to thrive nevertheless. The brand uses lovely natural fabrics of the highest quality. All sizes are made in small quantities, while some items are even unique, one-off pieces.

Vancouver Kids Fashion Week1


Vancouver Kids Fashion Week4

Vancouver Fashion Week is entering its 20th year and has become the fastest-growing fashion week, which has allowed for the launching of Vancouver Kids Fashion Week in September 2016. VKFW is a two-day fashion event dedicated to children’s fashion and creativity. The ever-growing talent in youths was the inspiration driving the launch of this new platform, aiming to highlight and leverage Kids designers on an international scale. VKFW partners with BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (BCCHF) in an effort to recognize children in need. The event will also include live dance performances and the cutest kid emcees, bringing lots of fun to the runway. 

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