Vitamin Sea: 7 Fun Ocean Activities To Try at Least Once

For most, summer is synonymous with water. The fragrant breeze will forever bring nostalgia as the waves crash along the shoreline and the sun shining overhead brings warmth and happiness.

In celebration of the warmer days ahead, it’s time to consider these seven fun ocean activities to try at least once.

Vitamin Sea: 7 Fun Ocean Activities To Try at Least Once


If you mention fun ocean activities to a friend, chances are they’ll talk about surfing. As one of the most common hobbies on the water and the oldest sports on Earth, surfing is welcoming, enjoyable, and produces many endorphins and dopamine.

Once you start your lesson in the water, it’s just you and the wave. You’ll learn to get out of your comfort zone and conquer fears as you ride the waves and enjoy the atmosphere.

Foil Surfing

If surfing is a “been there, done that” moment, you can crank the difficulty meter up a notch and try your hand at a hydrofoil board. The bottom of the board has a foil attachment on the bottom and, with the ideal weather conditions, uses the waves’ kinetic energy to move.

The board pulls out of the water, gliding above the waves. If it sounds extreme, wait until you see it in person!


Nothing’s more relaxing than successfully launching your kayak from the shoreline and cruising calm bodies of water. It’s a low-impact sport that welcomes all people, groups, and ages. Don’t forget about the workout it creates on your arms, shoulders, and back from all the paddling.


For those adrenaline seekers, kitesurfing is a rush! You’ll control a kite and explore the waves by harnessing the wind’s power while fastening your feet to a board. It would be wise to prioritize safety with this activity and take an introductory course.

Once you learn the basics, you’re ready to cruise the sea and possibly perform a flip if you’re lucky.


Laidback living meets exploration with yachting or boating. With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, you can relax on deck, watch curious snorkelers explore the ocean, or enjoy the waves with fellow boaters. Add in some sunset watching, and it’s a day well spent.


Snorkeling is a fantastic way to explore the ocean floor, and it doesn’t require too much gear; all you’ll need is a snorkel mask and your passion for adventure. Whether you go about on your own or take a tour with a crowd, you’ll enjoy a glimpse of the lively, underwater world.

Scuba Diving

Everyone should dive with the fish once in their lifetime! Scuba diving allows you to immerse yourself in the ocean’s ecosystem and learn more about its habitants.

You’ll need a certificate to scuba or visit the ocean with a dedicated school to explore. But, once you notice the abundance of sea life and coral formations, you’ll realize that extra step was worth it.

Whether you seek the adrenaline thrill from kitesurfing or prefer a calmer experience from kayaking, there’s an ocean activity for you to try at least once in this lifetime. You’ll learn new skills and have major fun!

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