Want to Be an Actor? Keep These Tips in Mind on Your Way to Stardom

Becoming an actor as a teen can be fun and rewarding as well as challenging. Putting yourself out there in front of a crowd or a camera can be a thrill. Working your way towards an acting career at such an early start can pave a bright future ahead of you. With that being said, there are plenty of things to learn and keep in mind on your journey to achieving a successful career in acting. Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind if you are interested in becoming an actor.

Get Experience

Getting experience in acting is very important. Whether it is a school play, community theater role, web series, et cetera, view the opportunity as a good way to build your experience. Not only are you learning how to act by putting it into practice, but you’re also learning the ins and outs of the logistics of an acting career. For instance, you’ll gain invaluable experience during auditions, like how to present yourself and memorize your lines and deliver them to a casting director, director and/or producer. You’ll learn how to answer a callback (a second audition or a meeting) to show the casting team what else you have in store. As an actor, one of the key things to always have handy is an updated headshot. It’s a good idea to have an updated headshot when preparing for an audition.

Get an Agent

Obtaining representation for theatrical, film and television bookings is an important next step. Talent agents are usually out and about, scouting quite regularly for up-and-coming stars, and there are many agents who specialize in working with teen actors. Sometimes, agents will appear at acting classes or a local play, or they may see you in something on social media and reach out. The one thing to be wary of with agents is scam artists. Networking and building a Rolodex of contacts is important, but there are some people who present themselves as agents to child actors but seek a fee upfront. Never sign with these folks, and build your network of contacts through people you know and trust. Ask the members in your community if the person who approached you is someone with whom they are familiar. You should always get your parents involved in these situations.

Rejection Is Part of the Job

Actors get rejected all the time for reasons that go beyond who they are. When you don’t get an audition, or if the casting director doesn’t seem interested in you based on your looks, don’t let it define you. That’s just how the business works. Rejection is not about who or what you are. The casting director is simply looking for a different take for the role. If you find that rejection is hurting you, tell your parents immediately. Do not let rejection cause you emotional or mental harm and don’t ignore it either. Find ways to heal and learn from it. Hearing “no” on the job will happen, but you will also hear a “yes” very soon. Remember that.

Being an actor is tough but also fun! Keep in mind that you do this because you love it and enjoy the process. There’s no point if it isn’t enjoyable. Although it can be tough, you can increase your chances of success by keeping a nice, updated headshot handy; finding an agent; and developing a tough skin against rejection.

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