Want to Make a Difference? Best Charities for Teens to Make an Impact in the Community

Many teens today want to make a positive impact in their community. There are a variety of causes to choose from for people who want to make a difference. Here are some of the best charities to help you make an impact in your community, based on history, reputation, and other factors.

American Red Cross

red cross best charity

With all of the weather issues that the United States has had recently, working with the American Red Cross is a great option. This is a charity that truly cares about the lives of other people. Not only will this charity get supplies to your community, but they will work diligently on your behalf as well.

The American Red Cross has a strong online presence and is recognized as one of the best charities worldwide even if they are not perfect (who is?). You can learn all about the charity online and can even donate money online. If you are interested in helping others, the American Red Cross is a great solution for you.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

big brothers best charities

One of the biggest issues in many communities is that children do not have great role models to look up to. This is a major issue that results in children acting out in order to get attention. There are various charities that work with children in order to help them in the future.

One of the best charities for many people is youth mentoring with Big Brother Big Sister. This is a company that has made a positive impact on thousands of communities around the country. When you are a youth mentor, you will spend time with children every week and work on their goals for the future. Making an impact in your community has never been easier.

Many of the children are from poor families. Many of these families only have one parent in the home who has to work to provide for the children. You can make a positive impact simply by spending time with these children and talking to them about their issues.

United Way

is united way the best charity

The United Way is another of the best charities that does a lot of great work in local areas. This is a charity that focuses on helping children in their communities through sports activities. For many children and teens, sports are a great way to release their frustration about situations they have in life, and they also provide health benefits. The United Way is not without controversy, due to the high salaries paid to leadership, but they do good overall.

Many studies show that children who have access to community help will perform better in school and in life. Spending your time with these charities is a great investment to help others. You might also want to consider starting a fundraiser for your school, here are some school fundraising ideas to check through.

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