Ways To Show Your Teachers That You Care

As the turbulent school year finally comes to an end, now is the perfect time to show gratitude to the school faculty that made each remote class worth going to. If you had incredible teachers that went the extra mile for you and your peers, give them the recognition they deserve this spring. Find creative ways to show your teachers that you care, and they’ll remember you fondly long after you leave their classroom for the last time.

Ways To Show Your Teachers That You Care

Write Them a Long Letter or Email

You don’t need to give your teacher a fancy present to show your appreciation; put your thoughts together in a long-winded, personal email that emphasizes your adoration for their class and teaching methods. If you’re a graduating senior, consider writing about where you’re going to college or what you plan on doing after graduation. If you have a new school email or a professional email for your resumé, add it to the end of the message so you and your favorite teacher can continue to stay in touch.

Give a Heartfelt Present

When in doubt, a present is all you need to show that you care about your teacher. Find something unique or pick a more useful present—whatever you choose, make sure it’s a gift that displays your appreciation. You could find the perfect object that represents how the class went or something that pertains to one of the lessons you went over during the school year. Alternatively, consider learning their favorite food or restaurant and giving them a gift card or snack.

Have a Long Conversation With Your Teacher

Sometimes, all it takes to show your appreciation is a long conversation about anything at all. Spend some time outside of class getting to know your teacher or teachers. Just as you would when writing a letter, use this conversation to talk about the importance of their class to your life. Brighten their day with compliments and things that you’ve learned from them. You might find other, more personal ways to show your teachers that you care just by talking with them for a while!

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