What Are the Most Popular Beauty Trends of 2022?

Beauty trends come and go, and this year is no different. From the resurgence of classic beauty looks to modern styles, there’s something for everyone! Check out the most popular beauty trends of 2022 for inspiration.

What Are the Most Popular Beauty Trends of 2022?

Neon Eyeliner

Guess what? Eyeliner comes in more shades than black and brown. This year, neon eyeliner is the biggest trend for eye makeup because it’s unique! Colorful eyeliner in shades of pink, blue, and green are super cool and fun. If you’re interested in something new, spunky lids are the way to go.

Chrome Nails

We can all thank Hailey Bieber for popularizing chrome nails this year. The star (and occasional TikTok creator) displayed her cute chrome set this summer. Her signature pearl-like manicure became the biggest nail trend. So much so that salon-goers say, “I want the Hailey Bieber nails,” and nail technicians hook them up with a holographic chrome set. However, you don’t have to visit a salon for a cool nail look. You can learn how to perfect holographic chrome nails and achieve beautiful manicures in no time!

Hair Bows

Hair bows. Yes. The things your parent put in your hair as a baby is a 2022 trend. They’re cute accessories for various hairstyles, like braids and ponytails. The best part is that you can use large or small bows to enhance your style. Consider rocking bows with your school’s colors during the next pep rally!

Spikey Brows

Spikey brows are an unusual yet popular beauty trend of 2022 that many celebrities are incorporating into their makeup looks. From Bella Hadid to Whitney Peak, the slicked-up brows are undeniably cool and refreshing. Although different celebs rock spikey brows, you can complete the style too. To achieve the look, use an eyebrow brush to feather your brows and then use a pencil to define them.

‘90s Lips

The ‘90s nostalgia is still alive and well. Although you weren’t around during the golden age of MTV or decade-defining fashion, you can still try the beauty looks! In particular, ‘90s lips are here to stay. Enhance your natural lips with a nude gloss that’s two shades darker or lighter than your lips. Then, use a light brown liner to complete the look. This natural and glossy look is great for any occasion, including school and parties.

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