What Are the Top Fashion Trends for Fall 2021?

As summer transitions into fall and cool weather starts to roll into some parts of the world, fall fashion season is just beginning. Want to know what will be trending this year so that you can take part? Keep reading to understand the top fashion trends for fall 2021.

What Are the Top Fashion Trends for Fall 2021?

The Tailored Fit

Tailored jackets, vests, skirts, trousers, you name it—we’re going to be seeing a lot of smart-looking outfits this fall. This trend may be partially due to the “dark academia” aesthetics that you’ve probably already seen circulating on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Now that the weather is cooling off in some areas, these heavier layers and jackets will be a welcome addition to many folk’s closets.

For the Outdoorsy Type

For those who are looking forward to getting out for a nice, cool hike this fall, these will be the trends for you. First of all, bucket hats don’t seem to be losing any popularity yet, and many sources predict bucket hats as one of the best styles of 2022. Wearing a bucket hat to shield your face from the sun is a great go-to for a hike or bike ride this season.

Cozy Sweaters

With people stuck at home more than ever this last year and a half, cozy fashion has been key, and this trend is continuing with the fall season. Plush fabrics and chunky sweaters are gracing the runways and will be on shelves of most every clothing store this fall. Oversized fashion will also have center stage, enforcing this comfy trend. So stock up on your favorite oversized sweater, jacket, or scarf to get bundled up this season.

Chilly weather is also the perfect excuse to slip on some pieces that never go out of style. Consider a classic parka or bomber jacket to stay toasty all day, but go for puffier, statement-making silhouettes that are all the rage this fall. Another idea is to layer with a lightweight but effective down-filled vest from Canada Goose’s stylish selection. It’s a smart way to still show off that trendy sweater without worrying about the cold. Plus, it’s versatile enough to still be a wardrobe staple even when winter comes around.

Whichever ones you decide to hop aboard, these fashion trends will make for a cute and cozy fall wardrobe. And these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the top fashion trends for fall 2021, so if these don’t appeal to your style yet, you’re sure to discover one that will.

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