What Is the Ideal PC Gaming Position You Should Be Using?

Whether you’re working your way up the competitive ladder or trying to beat your friend who’s just a little too confident in their abilities, doing whatever you can to be the best in gaming is a great goal, even though it’s difficult to achieve. We’re sure that by now, you’ve tried perfecting your craft and done lots of training exercises, but have you ever considered external sources? Something as simple as figuring out what the ideal PC gaming position is can help improve your game, and we are going to go over exactly what you need to do to achieve that.

What Is the Ideal PC Gaming Position You Should Be Using?

Monitor Height and Location

We’re going to start with the most important part of your PC—the monitor you will be looking at during your play sessions. You don’t want your screen to be too high or too low, as that will cause you to start developing neck pain, which will affect your gaming ability. The ideal position is for the center of the screen to be 15 to 30 degrees below your direct line of sight. Of course, this isn’t easy to measure, but you should be able to get it close by eyeballing it.

You also don’t want the screen to be too close or far away. Having it closer will force you to move your head to see everything, slowing down your reaction time. Keeping it far, on the other hand, will cause unnecessary eye strain. The appropriate distance depending on your monitor’s size, but a foot or two should suffice.

Mouse and Keyboard Position

Arm placement matters, too, and your mouse and keyboard position should be reflective of that. Both should be a few inches above your knees and deep enough into your table to give your wrists proper support. The G and H keys on your keyboard should line up with your belly button, and your mouse should be in front of your shoulder while idle. It’s ok for it to be a little outside of that line, though.

Focus on Ergonomics

The perfect sitting position involves a lot of right angles. Your arms should each be at 90 degrees, as should your legs and waist. The previously mentioned techniques will help you stay in these positions more easily, but you will still need a lot of willpower to use proper ergonomics.

There are a few things you can do to make this even easier, however. The first is to get a gaming chair. These are made with gamer ergonomics in mind to give you the right support exactly where you need it. Plus, they look really cool. The other option is to get a standing desk or standing desk converter. There is obviously a lot you’ll need to know about using one correctly, but the main advantage is that it will make achieving an ergonomic posture more natural since we do it all the time while standing. If you want to know more about what makes a good gaming desk then visit Turismo Racing.

Regardless of which methods work best for you, you can now check the question, “What is the ideal PC gaming position?” off your list of ways to get better at gaming. Even though doing this won’t make you a pro, it should lead to a noticeable improvement in your abilities.

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