What Should You Wear to a Baseball Game?

Just secured tickets to see your favorite team in action? One thought that might cross your mind is what you should wear to a baseball game.

Do you go casual with a T-shirt, khakis, and sandals? Proudly don team gear from head to toe?

While you can technically show up to the game wearing whatever your heart desires, you should carefully consider what you put on if you want to be fashionable yet comfortable through all nine innings. These clothing items are some of the best to wear while watching your favorite sport.

What Should You Wear to a Baseball Game?

Keep It Casual

Ultimately, the best approach is to keep your attire casual. Baseball games can be long affairs, with most lasting around three hours or longer. If you’re going to be sitting—or standing—for that long, you want to be wearing comfortable clothes that aren’t tight or itchy. In the summer months, a tank or tee, shorts, and sneakers will do. But in colder months, you’ll want to switch over to a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, a jacket or coat, and maybe even thick socks with boots.

Display Your Team Pride

While you want to keep comfort in mind when selecting clothes for game day, you also want to consider style. Many baseball fans like to show support by decking themselves out in team merch. This could include jerseys emblazoned with their favorite player’s number, caps adorned with the team logo, or arm sleeves dyed in the team’s colors.

You can often purchase team gear from the team’s official website. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can put together your own custom ensemble. Add some extra pizzazz to your merch with rhinestones. Tie-dye a T-shirt. Put a logo patch on a denim jacket. There are more ways to show off team pride than one can count!

Protect Your Head

It’s important to guard your head from the blazing sun likely towering above you. If you’re attending a game on a sunny day, make sure you pop a hat on your head and a pair of sunglasses over your eyes. These accessories will protect your skin from harsh UV rays so you don’t get sunburned. They’ll also provide you with a clearer view of the field by keeping bright light out of your sensitive peepers.

What should you wear to a baseball game? Ideally, you should wear something that’s comfortable enough to get you through several hours of playtime, and rad enough to get you extra-pumped to cheer for your team. With the right ensemble, you can guarantee your experience at the ball game is a positive one.

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