What Teens Should Know About Attending In-Person School This Fall

COVID-19 has changed the way students think about school this year. Students might be online this year. Other students may be worried about catching the disease. Some just want to be able to hang out with their friends. No matter your situation, here are the top things you should keep in mind.

Take Appropriate Precautions

Your health and safety is your responsibility. Because of this, you should know the appropriate precautions you should take—especially if you are in a high-risk group. If you are nervous about catching the coronavirus, you should ask your school counselor or teachers if there are online options for your classes.

Be aware of the people around you. Pay attention to symptoms of coronavirus and try to keep yourself distanced from students who are sick. If you are sick, stay at home and consult with your family and professionals to determine if you have COVID-19. Teachers will provide you resources to learn if you need to quarantine.

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Follow Health Guidelines

COVID-19 guidelines are meant to keep everyone safe. It is important that everyone follows what professionals say to ensure a secure learning environment. For example, social distancing and appropriate mask guidelines will likely be implemented at your school. These can be frustrating, but following them for the good of others is essential. You can also get creative with masks to try and make it something fun.

Signs referencing the COVID-19 health guidelines will be posted throughout your school. Although it can be difficult to keep safe distances from others, these signs can serve as reminders as you go about your day.

Be Respectful

Coming into this school year, remember that everyone should have respect for each other. Wearing a mask takes little effort, but it can be a huge help in stopping the virus from infecting somebody. You should also avoid mocking or teasing students who feel more vulnerable to the virus than you do.

To prevent massive spread of the virus, you should avoid gathering with large groups of students after school. If you wish to gather with friends, continue to be respectful and listen to the safety guidelines so your school can continue.

This school year will be something to look forward to. Even though it may be different, you can still have a great education and social experience. Learn about COVID-19 and the ways to stop the spread, and you will feel empowered in following the guidelines and helping your fellow students.

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