What To Do Before Bringing Home Your New Puppy

So, you finally convinced your parents that the best thing your family needs is a puppy—congratulations! That’s no easy task. We’re sure you’ve already picked one out and are waiting for everything to get processed so you can bring your pup home. While you wait, you should make sure you and your home are ready for your new family member to arrive. If you are unsure of what you need to do to prepare, we’ve made a list of what to do before bringing home your new puppy just for you.

What To Do Before Bringing Home Your New Puppy

Getting Puppy Necessities

Food should be at the top of your list since the kind you get will be vital for your pup’s early development. Do some research to figure out which brand is best for your breed of dog. While you’re at it, look into well-reviewed nail clippers, parasite killers, and doggie shampoos. All of these are things that your dog will need in order to remain happy and healthy. Look through all these options with your parents so they can ensure you are making good choices.

Finding Things Your Puppy Will Enjoy

While you’re out with your parents buying those necessities, search for some things that your dog will appreciate in their new home. Fancy food and water bowls, a crate that they can call their own, and some fun toys to play with are some of the best things to buy before you bring your puppy home.

Don’t forget to find a comfy bed for them as well. Many aspects go into choosing a quality dog bed, but size is one of the most crucial factors to consider. The key thing to remember is that there’s a good chance your little puppy will grow in size, so ask your parents how big it is going to get and buy a bed accordingly.

Creating a Puppy-Friendly Environment

Puppies love to chew on everything, so don’t leave anything out that you would be upset about getting destroyed. Shoes are a go-to chew toy for young pups. If you don’t want your favorite pair ripped up, you should suggest a closable shoe bin to your parents. There’s a good chance they’ll go for it since they won’t want their shoes ruined either.

Another aspect to consider is the backyard. Your little pup is going to want to run wild back there, so ensuring their safety outside is critical. Remove anything that you think your dog might get hurt on. Check that there are no gaps in the fence that they could get stuck in or wiggle through, as well. You can also check the best fence company in Plainfield to look for new fences if you decide to install a new one.

Learning How To Handle a Puppy

We know that you will want to hold and pet your dog all day once you get them home. That’s why our final tip on what to do before bringing home your new puppy is to learn how to pick up and hold them properly. A puppy’s body is fragile, like a baby’s, so there is a right and a wrong way to go about this.

We recommend watching a video for reference, but the first step is to place one hand under the puppy’s chest and the other under their butt. Then, gently lift with both arms and put them in your lap. It’s not great for young dogs to be held constantly, so setting them somewhere to pet them is the ideal way to handle them.

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