What To Look For in Your New Baseball Bat

Baseball bats are unique sporting implements designed to maximize mobility yet create enough power to deliver a speeding ball hundreds of feet in the opposite direction. No matter how experienced you are in baseball, you should learn about what to look for in your new baseball bat before you make a final decision.

What To Look For in Your New Baseball Bat

Bat Length

The length of your bat is a crucial statistic to analyze when selecting your new baseball equipment. Though it may look like all bats are the same, if you line them up, you’ll see a discrepancy in height. If you’ve been experiencing trouble hitting the sweet spot of your bat, the trouble could be in its length.

The best way to determine the appropriate bat length is by placing the bat end-first on the ground at the side of your leg. Extend your arm all the way down until straight and see where the knob hits. The perfect length is right in the center of your palm. If the bat is too short or too long based on this test, it will be too short or too long on the field.

Bat Weight

A bat’s weight is vital to understand before swinging out on the field. If you notice your bat end height dropping at the start of your swing, then you’ve probably been using a bat that’s too heavy. Bats should be a comfortable weight for you to swing about easily yet firmly. If the bat is slightly too heavy and you want to boost its trampoline effect without adding more weight, you should try a bat shaving service to meet your needs.

Bat Style

Let’s face it. We all want to have the coolest bat on the field. When you step up to the batter’s box, you want people to notice the colorful, bold design on your baseball bat. The challenging part is deciding on a design.

Consider elements like the bat color and how the design fits onto the bat. Can you see the image or lettering from multiple angles? Bat styles can reflect every player, from uniquely artistic aesthetics or bold messages.

Knowing what to look for in your new baseball bat will help anyone in the market find the perfect tool for their sporting arsenal. While a good bat doesn’t make a good player, it does drastically improve performance to have a fitted, weighted, stylized piece of equipment in your hands.

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