What To Wear if You’re on Homecoming Court

School is back in session, sports are back on, and homecoming dances are quickly approaching. You made it onto the homecoming court, and you should celebrate that! Now, it’s time to narrow down your evening attire. Since you’re on the homecoming court, you understand that you’ll need more than one lovely dress: one for the dance and one for the Friday night game, where the announcers will introduce you to the crowd and announce the King and Queen.

Homecoming is fun because you get to dress up without all the formalities that go along with prom. There is so much variety to choose from when it comes to homecoming dresses. Follow along as we explore what to wear if you’re on homecoming court.

What To Wear if You’re on Homecoming Court

Friday Night Attire

A lot of girls dream of being on homecoming court and even homecoming queen. The entire court will take the spotlight during the Friday night game, and you’ll want to look your best. Most schools announce the Queen and King during the game, and you need to prepare to take center stage if it’s you.

How about trying out a black dress with a gorgeous beaded bodice? Why not try a gold metallic skirt, black blouse, and a fun statement necklace? If you don’t feel like taking a risk, you can give a maxi dress a try. Even though you want to impress, you have the freedom to go more casual for your Friday night look.

The Homecoming Dance

Choosing which dress and accessories you’ll wear for the homecoming dance is overwhelming. There are so many options that you don’t know where to begin. First, decide what dress style you’d like to wear. Do you want long or short? A-line or fitted? No sleeves, short sleeves, or long sleeves? From there, pick out what color you’d like for your dress. Since homecoming falls during autumn, burgundy, black, navy blue, or emerald green are all fabulous fall colors to wear. Stick with warm colors to tie in with the season. If you’re still struggling for inspiration, you can check out what’s trending for this year specifically by browsing Sherri Hill’s latest collection of homecoming dresses


Next step: accessories! There are a few ways to accessorize your formal evening wear. Playing with jewelry, jackets, shoes, and shawls is the perfect way to take a dress over the top, memorable, and homecoming-court-worthy.

For necklaces, pay attention to your neckline and your earrings. If you’re wearing large statement earrings, then keep your necklace subtle. If you have studs, then play around with a fun, loud necklace.

After the Dance

You can keep your dress for years to come, or you can donate it or even choose to sell it. Since homecoming dresses are less formal than prom, a situation could arise for you to wear them again. You could also give it to a friend or sibling to wear for another homecoming.

Homecoming is a wonderful time where the community, school, and alumni can all come together for a good time. Hopefully, these ideas of what to wear if you’re on the homecoming court will make finding dresses easier as the time gets closer.

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